What is Phishing Scam (Practical) ?

In this article, we are telling you about Phishing Scam. What is a Phishing Scam? How can hackers perform phishing attack to advance level

Here you will be told practically everything about Phishing Scam. All this is being told to you for educational purpose. Do not miss use of all these methods.

Most everyone knows Phishing Attack. But we are telling you here how Phishing Attack Hackers can do on all kinds of websites ..

Note- This Article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

What is Phishing Scam ?

Before going about the Phishing Scam, you must first know about the Phishing attack. We have already told you about Tab Napping, Phishing tool, Phishing attack.

Here if we understand Phishing Scam in easy language, then we can understand it. Hackers clone any kind of website and use the miss of a cloned website.

Phishing scam

In this way, I tell you from my experience, a few months ago, I got an order for 20 websites, by cloning the website of some universities, the result option should have been enabled.

I was also offered a lot of money for this work, but I know very well that this is illegal, so I did not do this, it is also a phishing scam.

The name of universities is not being taken here. There is no doubt that money is good in such scams, but what is wrong remains wrong.

Phishing Scam Examples

Here we are not providing any kind of tool to you. You can find it all on google. Here we are telling you about some Phishing Scam Examples. Hackers have many methods to carry out phishing attack.

Phishing scam

Like here you can see the paytm phishing scam in the image. Here we have used ngrok. But in reality, Homograph technique is used here.

You have already been told about the homograph attack. Similar hackers can create scam page of any website. Hackers use common attack like Phishing in many ways.

Here you can see some information is obtained in this way. All this is an example of Phishing Scam. It all depends on the hackers how they do Phishing Scam.

Phishing scam

Hackers do Phishing Scam to hack ola accounts like this. Here we have used some tools. You can find all this easily on google.

We have used all these Phishing Scam pages to understand you here. It is all in spamming. You have also been told about Spamming and Scam pages earlier.

Phishing scam

Illegal work like spamming is mostly done by black hat hackers. Here Hackers Credit cards, information of Paypal accounts go through email. In carding also, scam pages are used in this way only.

Tools like Sendblaster are quite used in spamming. These tools are for email marketing. But hackers also use them for illegal work. Sendblaster is used to send email to inbox, similarly Gx 40 tool is also used.

Similar hackers also use Phishing Scam to hack Hotstar, Netflix Free accounts. Hackers can do Phishing Scam by using any website here.

Ngrok is not used here as you are told. It is also not that such Phishing Scam are always done using homograph. The Beef Framework can also be used here.

Phishing scam

Hackers can create phishing pages using similar ubar eats, Swiggy, Paypal, Hotstar or any such famous website. Phishing attack is a dangerous attack.

It all depends on the hackers how they perform this attack. You can easily find many types of tools and files for Phishing attack on google.

Phishing scam

Here we want to tell you one thing. Hackers never use phishing attack like you are told on google or youtube. Here it is not allowed to say all this.

Here you should always keep in mind that Phishing Scam is used by hackers mostly through emails. Here hackers collect emails using techniques like email scrapping or advance google search.

Hackers use the same attack differently than the thinking of a normal user. Normal user does not even know and his social media accounts get hacked.

Here you can see that all the tools we have used here all work in this way. Phishing Scam or Scamming hackers do it by purchasing domain hosting.

How we safe from Scams ?

If we tell you the reality, as long as you are connected to the internet, you cannot be safe from any kind of hacking attacks until there is no knowledge.

To avoid Phishing Scam, you must always check the url address and chrome also detects the updated browser Homograph. So always keep the Chrome browser updated.

Never click on any kind of link. Even if you click by mistake, do not login anytime when login pages are open. Because malicious links can also be used for cookies hijacking attack.

If you have any kind of doubt on the mail that has come to you, in such a way, you can find out by tracing through email trace also, you can also check the email header.

The Conclusion

I hope you come to know about Phishing Scam. Here we have given you some Phishing Scam Examples. There are many examples like this.

Here you can think for yourself how hackers do Phishing Scam using any website. Do not use all this for illegal purpose.

If you ever suspect a url address. In such a way, you can check on websites like Phishtank. On getting a phishing website, you can also share the website on phishtank.

If you have any kind of question, you can ask in such a comment. If you like our article then definitely share it.

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