Windows Hacking using Batch File ?

In this article, we are telling you about Windows Hacking using Batch file. As you have been told earlier by doing System Hacking, Android hack L3MON Tool, Seafko.

Like this, the use of payload is also done here but here the payload through Batch File is downloaded. Here payload does not have to be installed directly in the victim’s pc.

As you have been told about How to hack Facebook using Batch File. Similar windows hacking is also done using batch file. Here we are practically telling you about two tools.

All this is being told to you for educational purpose. How hackers do not send payload directly, they can also download the payload through batch file

Note- This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

What is Batch File ?

Before going hacking windows using the Batch file, you must go to it. What is a batch file? If you know this, you can also do Windows Hacking and can do many more.

A Batch file is a file of only one kind of windows. Like you will see many such files where there is a .bat extension. Hackers can auto-download any type of file by using the Batch file.

Batch file is not detected by antivirus also because Antivirus considers Batch file to be the file of Windows, so most of the batch file is used. Hackers must have a batch programming language here.

If you know Batch script programming language, then you can easily perform many hacking attacks by using it, just as Python is used in hacking, similarly Batch scripting is also used ..

Hacking Windows using Batch File ?

Here the name of the tool we are using is FUD. This tool is used in Windows hacking. This tool downloads link through batch file in victim’s pc. You find it on github.

First of all, you have to download the tool by giving this command git clone . This tool has to be downloaded, you can see in the image above that you can use this tool by using commands like this install and run.

This tool will run in this way, here you have to give the IP address and port number in this way. Here we have used the local ip address. You can also try using something like this.

Here in this way you have to give the name payload. Here we have given three names. One such name has been given for the batch file. You are also showing the URL address here, which hackers send the victim to payload download.

windows hacking

Here you can see the Metasploit framework has been opened automatically, about the Metasploit framework, you have been told earlier that Metasploit is also used in windows hacking, here also Metasploit is being used.

Here you can see that automatic LHOST and LPORT is set up for windows hacking in Metasploit. When we have to set manually here after the batch file is downloaded when the victim opens the batch file.

In such a way, the payload is downloaded through the batch file and the victim does not even know, just like you can understand how many methods hackers can use to do the same kind of hacking.

Here you can see the session is found, in this way the payload is downloaded using the batch file in windows hacking, here we have downloaded the batch file through the link in our own windows pc, after running the batch file later payload is run

Use of Androwan

There is another such tool which can be used to download the link through payload in android hacking , here we are using the androwan tool. You can see in the image here.

windows hacking

First of all, the tool has to be downloaded through the command git clone . After downloading the tool, in some way you can run this tool like FUD tool has been used for Windows Hacking, similarly Anrdowan is used.

windows hacking

Here you can see in the image we have given the path of ngrok here, we have downloaded ngrok and saved it in the androwan folder, after doing this, the path of ngrok is given. This is how you can see

windows hacking

After ngrok starts, we have given the link. After doing this, when the victim opens the link in their device, in such a way, the payload is downloaded in the victims mobile phone. has been done.

windows hacking

Here you can see that Metasploit is run in this way like Metasploit is run automatically in windows hacking, similarly in android hacking, automatic run is also done, in this way you get a link using which the victim device Payload can be downloaded.

windows hacking

You get a session after the payload is run, after you get the session, you know what you can do, we have told you practically everything in the earlier article, this article is in English language, you will get all the articles soon I will meet.

The Conclusion

I hope that you will have come to know practically about how to do windows hacking and android hacking link, this article is in english, we will convert all our old articles here in english soon.

You will update all the articles on our website, you will soon find this article in English, we have written this first article in English because most of all like to read articles in English, here in this article we have told you about windows hacking.

In the same way, you have been given more articles of hacking windows like before, hta attack method, konboot, hiren boot cd, you can read our article also, you can tell us in the comment that our english is not very good.

In such a way, if you feel any kind of mistakes, then you must contact us and tell us definitely that we will try our best to give you all the articles in English.

All this has been told to you for educational purpose. I hope you will never do windows hacking or android hacking for any illegal purpose. If you like this article then please share it.

If you have any kind of question, in this way you can ask in the comments or by contacting us, we will help you completely, here you have been given many articles before, you will get all in English soon.

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