In this article, we are telling you about How to DISCOVER NEW CONTENT & DIRECTORY. DISCOVER NEW CONTENT & DIRECTORY What happens, why is it done, all this is being told to you here.

DISCOVER NEW CONTENT & DIRECTORY helps you a lot in bug hunting, so read this article carefully and implement DISCOVER NEW CONTENT & DIRECTORY.

Do not misuse DISCOVER NEW CONTENT & DIRECTORY in any way because sometimes in DISCOVER NEW CONTENT & DIRECTORY you also get something that can give you admin access to a website.

Note – This article is only for educational purpose. don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.


First of all, you should know that why DISCOVER NEW CONTENT & DIRECTORY is used, let us explain it to you by giving an example which you will easily understand about it.

You must have heard about the robots.txt file at some time or the other, you must have also seen which pages are allowed in the website and which pages have been disallowed, it is defined which pages are kept publicly allowed.

In such a situation, if you are able to remove the hidden content or directory of a website by brute-force attack using DISCOVER NEW CONTENT & DIRECTORY and you get some kind of sensitive information, then you can get its bounty.

You must have also heard this by using DISCOVER NEW CONTENT & DIRECTORY, sometimes even the admin login page has been found, in such a way you can guess yourself if you get the admin page of a big website, then how much bounty can you get.

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Let us now tell you practically about how to find DISCOVER NEW CONTENT & directory, you will find many such tools, here we are telling you using some tools feroxbuster and dirb etc.


First of all, you have to install feroxbuster in such a way as you can see in the image, you also get gobuster tool and dirbuster also you get but feroxbuster tool if you use it once You will not use any other tool.


Because in feroxbuster you get some such features which you do not find in any other tool, you can also configure feroxbuster tool in advance, like adding wordlist, what status code looks like, setting it up, etc. How to do it all has been given.


As you can see in the image, you can check the help of this tool and see how you can use this tool, here you are given everything, here we would like to tell you one thing when you use any tool. You must check his help once.


In this way you can use feroxbuster in DISCOVER NEW CONTENT & DIRECTORY as you can see in the image here -x means extension, which extension do you want to use with words, and -w means Which wordlist do you want to use.

We showed you this by doing this on a demo website, similarly, you can perform this attack on any live website as you can see in the image the name of the website has been hidden.


Here 301 status code means that URL exists in the website, it will show you the same way when you do NEW CONTENT & DIRECTORY DISCOVER in bug hunting, if you use it properly and use a good wordlist, then you must You can get bounty by using this.

If you want, you can also create your own wordlist and use it, you have been told about it earlier, if you have not read the article on How to create target-based password wordlist, then you must read it.

Similarly, you can also use dirb and dirbuster tool, you get dirbuster tool in GUI mode and dirb tool is command base and you get both these tools already installed in kali Linux.

As you can see in the image, in this way you can also use dirb tool, similarly you can use dirbuster tool but we recommend you to use feroxbuster or gobuster tool only.

Similarly, you can do the same by using the Arjun tool first, you have to download this tool by git clone, after that you can install this tool in some way as you can see in the image.

After the tool is installed, you can use the Arjun tool as you can see in the image also, you will definitely like this tool, so you must also try using it for content discovery.

The Conclusion

We hope that you have come to know about How to find DISCOVER NEW CONTENT & DIRECTORY, we have told you here using three tools Feroxbuster or Arjun Tool you will like definitely.

If you get sensitive information of a website by using these tools, do not misuse it, rather you earn bounty by reporting to the website owner.

Advance use of all the tools mentioned here will also be shown to you as soon as you open the link of the tool, it is not possible to tell everything here, so you must read the tools once so that you can learn more about these tools.

If you like this article of our How to find DISCOVER NEW CONTENT & DIRECTORY, then you must share this article of ours, you are taught here everything for free like CEH, Networking, etc.

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