What is Bait and Switch technique (Bait and Switch Attack) 2021 ?

In this article, we are telling you about the Bait and Switch technique, we have already told you about the Bait and Switch Attack, here we are telling you about it by giving a practical example.

If you have not read our earlier article of Bait and Switch technique, then you can also read that, you have been told in detail about Whaling, Logic Bomb and Bait and Switch attack.

Note- This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

What is Bait and Switch technique ?

Bait and Switch Attack as the name suggests. Using this attack, the hacker redirects the user to a place where the user does not want to go. Hackers use bait and switch techniques mostly By using Fake Advertisements.

For example, suppose there is a user, he is reading something on a website. In that he has an advertisement show of facebook hacking, now in real he is not a method of facebook hacking. It is some kind of virus created through hacker or phishing page, now normal user will not know this.

In this way, when that user clicks on that advertisement, he gets redirected to a website created by the hacker. Then it is called the bait and switch technique. In this way the hacker gets the user redirected to any such website. Where the user does not even want to go.

If we say in easy language, then the user gets something else to show and get something else. Like there is an advertisement for a T-shirt and on opening it, it is asked to download some kind of apk. In this way Bait and switch attack is done. It is also called clickbait.

Here we are telling you by giving two examples of the Bait and Switch Attack

is also used a lot to hack social media accounts, all this is being told to you for educational purpose.

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Bait and Switch Attack Example?

Let us now understand you through Bait and Switch example, here we are telling you using Bait and Switch attack with one phishing attack and another with payload.

 Bait and Switch technique

As you can see in the image, here we have given a message that if you want to download this bios file, you can do it by logging in with Facebook but in reality, the user is being redirected to the phishing page.

Similar hackers hack the social media accounts of the users and then the users feel that they have not made any mistake, then how are their social media accounts hacked?

Here we have given an example of bios, similarly, hackers can do a lot by using Bait and Switch Technique, we have told you in many articles before that everything depends on the hackers, and how they perform the attack.

 Bait and Switch technique

As soon as the user clicks on the login with Facebook button, he gets redirected to the phishing page, here we have used a demo page, in reality, you can understand how the phishing page is created.

If hackers want, they can also use a Homograph attack , tab napping attack or watering hole attack with Bait and Switch Technique, if they say in easy language that hackers do not even let the person in front know and hack their accounts.

 Bait and Switch technique

As you can see, as soon as the user fills in his login credentials, the hacker gets it, in this way Bait and Switch attack is done, all this has been told to you by giving a demo.

Similarly, Hackers can also use payloads, if you want, you have been given many articles about payloads like L3MON tool, Saefko, Metasploit Framework, TheFatRat tool If you have not read that article, then you can read them too.

As you can see in the image, as we have redirected the victim to the phishing page, a similar payload can also be downloaded, you must have seen many times this sudden popup comes on your phone and virus alert to install antivirus.

This is Bait and Switch Technique only so that the user can be installed a payload by alerting the virus, we all know that once the Trojan is run on your device, then hackers get access remotely.

Like you have been given an example of downloading payload, similarly, you must have seen this many times, emails come to you, the payload can also be installed using some similar email spoofing.

You have already been told about email spoofing, as well as using Sandblaster, you have also been told how emails are sent to a direct inbox as you can see in the image.

Hackers do something similar by using Bait and Switch Technique and can also hack someone’s social media accounts or their devices as you can see in the image, here we have a payload for demo also Facebook hacking course made with name and logo.

Now you can understand yourself, if the hackers come to know about the need of the victim, in such a situation, they can install anything from the victims and can also get the victim redirected wherever they want.

The Conclusion

We hope that you have come to know about the Bait and switch Attack, we have given you only two examples here, there are many other ways that Hackers can use Bait and switch Techniques.

If you have any kind of question related to the Bait and Switch Technique, then you can ask us in the comment, you will be given full help from our side, you can also tell us in the comment on which topic you want the article.

Here you have been told about all the modules of CEH, Networking, Ethical Hacking, and Bug Hunting, if you also want to become an ethical hacker, we suggest you read and practice all our articles.

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