What is CRLF injection vulnerability ?

In this article, we are telling you about what is crlf injection vulnerability, as well as you will be told to use crlf injection payloads, you may not have heard the name of crlf injection before.

Because very few people know about it, but you are told everything on freelearningtech, before going about what is crlf injection vulnerability, you have to understand a few things, so you read this article carefully.

Here we will not be able to tell you by solving any lab of crlf injection vulnerability, here we will try to understand you by crlf injection example, some information has been hidden because it is being told by live website here.

Note – This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

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What is CRLF ?

The full name of crlf is carriage return line feed Whenever we make some kind of request, such a response comes from the web server, then it comes in the crlf format itself, let’s try to understand it by example.

Suppose we visited your website, in such a way, we get http response header and website content in response from web server, whatever specific combination of special characters it is, here it is called CRLF.

As you can see in the image, the response you get in the burp suite is in whatever specific combination of special characters it is called carriage return and a line feed.

CRLF injection vulnerability

What is CRLF injection vulnerability

Let us now know what is CRLF injection vulnerability, by understanding the crlf, you can easily understand the CRLF injection vulnerability like here we have given the CRLF payloads, if the same payloads are reflected in your response.

CRLF injection vulnerability

In such a way, you can say that it is CRLF injection vulnerability, after this you can also inject cross site scripting payloads here and earn bounty, in Cross site scripting we put Payloads directly.

Here we put XRL Payloads through CRLF injection vulnerability but the chance of you getting this bug in the domain is very low as you have been told, first you have to find the subdomains of the target.

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HTTP Response Splitting

The header of a HTTP response and its body are separated by CRLF characters an attacker can try to inject those. A combination of CRLF will tell the browser that the header ends and the body begins. That means that he is now able to write data inside the response body where the html code is stored. This can lead to a Cross-site Scripting vulnerability.

CRLF injection vulnerability

As you can see in the image here you are getting reflective as well as here the cross site scripting payload has also been injected and we are getting both the things in response. This is an example of HTTP Response Splitting leading to XSS attack.

By exploiting a CRLF injection an attacker can also insert HTTP headers which could be used to defeat security mechanisms such as a browser’s XSS filter or the same-origin-policy. This allows the attacker to gain sensitive information like CSRF tokens. 

How to Find CRLF injection vulnerability

Now let us tell you about how to find CRLF injection vulnerability here, if you get CRLF injection vulnerability in a website, then you have to increase its impact only then it is called valid bug.

First of all, you have to check the crlf payloads here, if you get an error in response, in this case it will not be called CRLF injection vulnerability but if you get 200 in response and your payload is reflected then it will be called bug.

As you can also see in the image, in this way you have to capture your target request in burp suite and you have to send it to repeater, after that you have to try Payloads, the link of Payloads is given to you above.

Here it can be that you will not get good quality of images, in such a way you will get download link of images because this is why we have come out images to understand you, it has not been solved by solving some kind of lab.

As soon as you confirm that the website is vulnerable to CRLF injection, after that you can inject Cross site scripting attack Payloads and see as you can see in the image.

If you get Payloads response, then after that you can open the website in the browser, you will be able to see that your payload is loaded and you get it as if you can also see in the image, in this way CRLF injection vulnerability has been found.

The Conclusion

I hope that now you can understand about what is CRLF injection vulnerability, here we want to make you clear one thing, before understanding CRLF injection vulnerability, you must understand all the terms mentioned here.

CRLF injection Payloads can also be inserted with http headers. You have been told about http header injection earlier, if you have not read our article, then you must read it.

Here you can understand how one vulnerability is injected with another vulnerability, so if you want to bounty the bug, you must know about all the vulnerabilities.

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