Watering Hole Attack and Example (2020)?

You might not have heard about the watering hole attack. In this article, we are telling you by giving a watering hole attack example, here we are telling you how to use the beef framework and make it practical.

It is not mentioned in the topic of CEH. But if you have become an Ethical Hacker, then you must know about Watering Hole Attack. You can see all this on your own device.

This attack is a little difficult but very dangerous. Because when this attack is done by targeting a particular company ya organization. A hacker must have many skills to carry out this attack.

Such as Website hacking, Programming Languages, Computer Virus or social engineering etc. Let us know what is Watering Hole Attack and why it is done and how it is done.

Watering Hole Attack

Like we told you that this attack is very dangerous. Because with this attack many devices can be hacked simultaneously. If ever you are a victim of this attack.

In such a situation, you do not even know that your devices have been hacked. Because hacker never direct this attack in your computer or mobile phone. Let’s understand through watering hole attack example.

Note- This Post only for Educational purpose You don,t miss use Your Knowledge and Skills

Watering Hole Attack

Suppose there is a company or organization. Hacker has to attack that company. Or to access the devices of that company. He wants no one to know about his attack. In this case, the hacker performs a watering hole attack.

In such a way, hacker website finds those websites through footprinting. The websites that employees of the company open. Just like you must have seen it at some time. When you see a product of some kind on amazon

In such a situation, you then visit any website or facebook. You show ads of the same product that you saw on your amazon. Hackers also find out with the help of this tracing, which website the employees of that company are opening.

When the hacker comes to know about websites through tracing and footprinting. After that hacker targets the most security websites from those websites.

As such in tracing, it was found that 5 different types of websites have been opened from the 5 computers of the targeted company. In such a situation, he targets the most security security website among those 5 websites. They inject malicious code or virus into that website.

After which when any computer of that company’s network visits that website. In such a situation, the virus injected through hacker gets run automatically. And infects the rest of the computers in that network as well. In this way, se watering hole attack is done.

watering hole attack is completely illegal. You should never do this if you want to see the practicality of this attack. You can do this with the help of the Beef framework tool. Beef tool is already in Kali Linux. This attack is mostly done by black hat hackers. .

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How we safe from Watering hole attack

Now let’s talk about how to avoid a Watering Hole attack. By the way, if a hacker has an eye on your company. In such a situation, if he wants to hack in any situation then you cannot avoid this attack.

Because as you have been told that when a watering hole attack happens on a company. Then it is not known if a watering hole attack has happened. But still you can save it to some extent.

Don,t fill your personal Information

You should never fill your or any of your company’s information on unsecured websites. Hackers gather information of their target before committing any attack. Because if the hacker has information of his target. In such a situation, his chances of becoming successful increase.

Network Monitoring

If your company or organization is large. In such a situation you must monitor a network. Because if there is any kind of suspicious activity in your company’s network.

In such a situation, the Network Administrator comes to know. And an attack can be stopped even before it occurs. Or to avoid that attack, data can also be secured. Therefore, the network should be monitored all the time.

Don,t show your Online activities

If you want there is no cyber attack on your company. In this way, you do any kind of search. He should keep hide or connect to his company’s network and do not do any such research. Which opens unsecured websites.

In this case, if you use VPN or Proxy also. Even then hackers trace your activities. Because as technology is increasing. Similarly, methods to bypass VPN are also being made. This is how you can avoid watering hole attack

Update your Software and Browser

You should always keep your software or browser updated to avoid watering hole attack. if you want your company to be safe then you should never use any kind of Crack Softwares. Because through Crack Softwares your devices can also be hacked. So you should never use them.

Watering Hole Attack Practical Example

Hackers use Beef Framework in many ways. Such as Facebook hacking, Gmail hacking, Watering hole attack, Payload to run. If you learn this, then you will understand yourself.

Most of the black hat hackers use the Beef Framework, you can use it for practical in your network. It is also used in Wan network. But most of all only use its miss. Here we are telling you by attacking the watering hole

We are telling you this practical in our own network and our own device. The Beef Framework can also be used in Wan network. But he cannot be told here like this.

The Beef Framework is also called the xss framework. It can give access to any device to hacker. Here all work is done with just one click. We are telling you practically watering hole attack here.

Beef Framework hooks up Browser. Hackers hijack the browser of the victim’s device with its help. On doing this, the hacker can execute any kind of commands on the victim’s device.

Such as Phishing attack, Run Trojan horse virus, Tabnapping attack, Watering hole attack, Sending fake update notification and much more all this is done with the help of Beef Framework. You do not get this tool to install in kali 2020 but pre-install in kali 2017

Hackers can perform any type of attacks in the victim’s browser by hijacking someone’s browser from the Beef Framework. The miss use of watering hole attack is done a lot.

If hackers use the Beef Framework properly then you can perform many types of hacking attacks from this. Here we are telling you watering hole attack example

How to use Beef Framework ?

Let us now know how a watering hole attack is done by using it. You get this tool inbuilt only in kali linux. You must have seen the tool of buffalo sign. You just have to open use. You will find it on the left side on the desktop itself.

Watering hole attack

It will run on the terminal in some way. You can see the Ui url. All you have to do is open on Use Browser. This is how it opens up. If it is not installed, you can also use the Beef Framework by downloading it from github.

Here, the Beef Framework is open like this. Here you have to type beef in username and password. After doing all this, something like this opens in front of you. Here we setup the watering hole attack.

It is open like this. You can see here. Marked for you. You have to copy this link from here. After copying, you have to put that link in a file like this.

You can see . We are doing all this in virtual pc. Therefore, here Ip address is given. In this file, where you get Ip Address, you change from your IP address. You will get this file.

You have to go to root and save this file in var / www / html folder. Also you have to run this command on the terminal (Service apache2 start). Here you get the file of index.html, remove it.

You can use any Html File instead of this file. Here we have used it to understand. Here hackers use the website. This file opens in this way. Facebook hacking is also done using watering hole attack.

Here you can see that a website is created in this way. Here you can see click here will be clicked when Hacker gets access to victim’s Browser. This is how a watering hole attack is done. Download here

Watering hole attack

This way, Victim’s Browser gets access. Here we have done it on our own pc. In this way, hackers can also run payload by using watering hole attack, cookies hijacking attack can also be done.

What you do after gaining access ?

In this way the watering hole attack is done using the Beef Framework, hackers hijack their victim’s browsers. We have done all this on our own devices. You can also use it on your own device.

Watering hole attack

Here you get the information of Browser in details. After clicking on Commands, something like this will open in front of you. Watering hole attack can also be done using the Beef Framework in the wan network.

You can do all this attacks from your own computer on the victim’s browser. Here you can see that with the help of the Beef Framework with just a click, the hacker can access the browser of the victim.

Watering hole attack

Here we are telling you to perform some attacks using watering hole attack. You can use everyone. It will not be possible to tell everyone.

Here you can see that we have executed the command by selecting Google Phishing and filling the ip address of Victim. You can also do something like this here, tab napping attack can also be done here.

Watering hole attack

By doing this, you will automatically open something like this on Victim’s browser. Here, when the user fills his information, he goes to pass the hacker. In such a situation, you can think how a watering hole attack can be dangerous.

You can see that this way information gets passed to hackers. Similar hackers also hack facebook accounts. In this way you can see something in the image.

Watering hole attack

Here we have opened the login page of Facebook in the victim’s browser. You do this on your PC. You will be able to see for yourself that this work happens automatically.

Here too, you get a username password like this. You can run any kind of commands like this. You are getting all the commands show in the Beef Framework.

Watering hole attack

Here we have sent fake notification. Here, whether the user installs or cancels. The information goes to the Hacker, you can also call the browser hijacking on the click of a watering hole attack.

Watering hole attack

The Conclusion

I hope you come to know about the Watering Hole Attack. Like we have told you that this attack is very dangerous. Therefore, you should always keep it safe and do not do any such activity.

Here we have told you by running some commands with the help of Beef Framework. It is not possible to tell about everyone. All of you can try this yourself.

Which should be attacked watering hole on your devcies. If some kind of malcious code is injected into your devices through the Watering Hole Attack. In this case, hacker can easily access your data. Like we know that data is very important for a person.

But if you know about them then your devices can never be hacked. Because the hacker has 20% dependence on which attack he performs. And the remaining 80% of the victim’s mistakes happen.

If you do not make any kind of mistake then you cannot be a victim of any cyber attack. Never miss use it. Use the Beef Framework on your own device.

If you have any kind of question. You can ask us in a comment. If you like this article, then definitely share it. If you want, you can also subscribe to our blog.

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