What is Spamming and Scam Pages ?

In this article, we are telling you about What is Spamming. What is spamming, what is scam pages. Why and when all this is used is being told to you.

Before telling you about spamming, you should know that it is completely illegal. This is the work of black hat hackers. In such a way, do not ever miss use this.

All this is being told to you for educational purpose. We cannot show you any kind of practical work here. Because it is illegal to do so. Because of some limitations here you cannot be told all this practically.

Here we are telling you about Spamming, Scam pages, Encrypted letters. All this is used in Spamming. The smaller the word spamming, the more difficult it is to attack.

Note- This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

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Why Hackers Doing Spamming ?

First of all you should know why hackers are spamming and how to do as you have been told, it is completely illegal and it is not so easy to do it.

Because Hackers need a lot of patience in spamming. Hackers use spamming to remove a user’s accounts. Here phishing pages are also used a lot if you understand spamming deeply only then you can understand it.

Here it is important for Hackers to send the smtp servers that they are using directly to the mail inbox and no one should know, so spammers are doing this attack by cracking SMTP Severs.

We have told you in Sendblaster how hackers send in inbox, but these tools are used in email marketing, in such a way, if you do something like this attack using sendblaster, you can be caught.

How to use Sendblaster for Sending mails ?

Here Hackers have to make phishing pages also undetectable, to do this Hackers use encryption so that no one can detect the pages, as well as here Homograph technique can also be used.

After doing all this, works like email scrapping, email filteration are done here, most use of paypal is done, in this way paypal accounts are hacked a lot, some are spamming in this way.

What is Spamming ?

We are the first to tell you what Spamming is. All this is being told to you through Live examples. Here we do not support it in any way.

With the help of spamming, users can collect private information. Users’ accounts can be hacked. All this hackers do for illegal purpose.

Websites such as paypal, amazon are clone ready and uploaded to the hosting server. After doing this, hackers search Emails with the help of Email extracters, after which mails are sent.

In mails, users get their personal information filled. Hackers use the Scam page. It is also used in carding here to do illegal work like spamming.

With the help of spamming, hackers can collect credit cards, numbers, names and also private information of users. Something like this .


You can see this way Scam pages are used in Spamming. Download links of this scam page cannot be provided.

In this case, this page is similar to Amazon in appearance. In such a situation, a normal user feels that it is orignal and they fill their information here.

What is Scam Pages ?

You must have known about the Scam pages. But we are showing you examples of some Scam Pages here. It is all used in spamming.

Scam pages are not one of a kind. Hackers can prepare a scam site for any websites. This scam sites work the same way any original website works.

This is a paypal scam page. In this way hackers can prepare scam pages of any website. This is all illegal, you should never do this.

It works just like paypal’s original website. Just like it happens in the original website, it also happens in them. Step by step users are fed information.


This is the scam page of an apple website. In this way, Scam page of all websites can be created in Spamming. You never do all this.

In such a situation, the question comes that the url will be known. Whether the website is real or not Here hackers use Homograph. You have been told in the article of homograph attack. Homograph is also used in Facebook hacking.

Hackers also do the same to the url. By doing this, it is not known that some kind of spamming is being done. In this way hackers do illegal things like spamming.

Encrypted Webpages

Hackers also encrypt webpages in spamming. Here we are telling you through an example. Yaha we have encrypted the simple login page.

By encrypting webpages, hackers make scam pages ko undetectable. Doing this encrypts the original source code. It cannot be detected after all this


You can see . This is a real page and real is only source code. Hackers also encrypt them. Something like this You can see in the image, Hackers can also encrypt the complete website.


Here you can see that both pages are the same, the same opens. But the source code of both pages is different. How it is done You cannot be told here because doing so is completely illegal.

How to prevent from Spamming ?

If you want to be safe from spamming, then you always keep your Browser updated. Updated Chrome Browser detects homograph attack. But firefox is not able to detect.

To be safe from spamming, do not ever open the link from any kind of mail. If you have doubts, in such a way, you must check by email tracing using the email header.

If you have some kind of mail. You are provided some kind of information. In such a situation, if you fill that information, you have been asked genuinely, then you open the website by typing in the browser itself.

Like, mail comes from your pass paypal and your account information is being sought from you. In such a case, do not open the link given by mail. Fill your information by typing paypal in the browser.

The Conclusion

I hope that you have come to know about Spamming, Scam pages, Encrypted Webpages. This is completely illegal, so you have not been shown to do it practical.

You have been told all this. So that you can keep it safe. Hackers can create any kind of private information from users by creating Scam pages.

All this has been told to you for educational purpose. Not only this happens in spamming attacks like this and much more happens. We will tell you everything.

We know that everyone wants to learn this. But this cannot be taught due to security reasons. You can learn all this by doing research yourself. If you learn something by yourself, then you can learn better.

But we will tell you that you should stay away from it all. Because it is illegal is a cyber crime. So you do not do all this.

Facebook Hacking , Whatsapp Hacking and Website Hacking all this is not considered so illegal. But spamming, carding, bank accounts hacking is all illegal.

If you have any kind of question, you can ask us in a comment. Your complete help will be done from our side. If you like this article then definitely share it.

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