How to use Hiren Boot CD ?

In this article, we are telling you about the Hiren Boot CD. What is Hiren Boot CD, why is it used and how is it done.

This will be told to you in this article. How can we make Hiren Boot CD work by doing it. This will be told practically to you here. Such as using mini windows, recover data, crack password

You must have heard the name of your Hiren Boot CD sometime. Here we are using Hiren Boot CD 15.2. Now you also get the latest version on google.

Note- This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

What is Hiren Boot CD ?

Before using Hiren Boot CD you should know about it. What can you do by using it? This is an ISO file you can easily find on Google.

Hiren Boot CD is used for password break, Data Copy karna, Secure Boot karna, file missing Dos programs, Mini Operating System. You can also find the feature of Kon Boot here.

You have already been told about Kon Boot in the article of System Hacking and How to break or forgot window password. If you want, you can also read our articles.

Hiren Boot CD

Here you can see in the image. After Hiren Boot CD is booted, something like this opens in front of you. By clicking on more here, you can see all its features.

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How to use Hiren Boot CD ?

First of all, you need the ISO file of the Hiren Boot CD. You can easily download it from google. Here also you will find the download link of this file..

After downloading, you can use it. Just like we make a normal pen drive bootable, it can also be used. After the file is booted, it will show something like this.

Hiren Boot CD

Here you can see the first option is of mini windows. This option is used when we forget the windows password.

We can copy the file by opening mini windows. Like we have forgotten the password and the necessary file is in the c drive. In this case, the file can be copied using mini windows.

Hiren Boot CD

This is how Mini Windows opens. Here you can see all the drives. As you are told, we cannot normally copy SAM file..

In this case, the SAM file can also be copied using Hiren Boot CD. As you have been told earlier, there are password stores of windows in the SAM file.

Hiren Boot CD

You can see here. Like in normal windows when you open it. The SAM file is locked. But SAM File can also be copied using Mini Windows. The windows password can also be found after copying.

In this way, you can try using all the features of Hiren Boot CD. Here we are telling you using some features. Here you can also use linux.

Here we are using by default only. The linux OS boots when you press Enter. This is a booting process like this. You can see in the image.

Hiren Boot CD

This is how the linux OS opens after the booting process. Here you can also do things like Disk Cloning, Disk Eraser. It shows something like this. You will be further informed about Disk Cloning and Disk Eraser.

Hiren Boot CD

Here you can see that you can use Disk Eraser when you want to format a partition but it is not possible. You can also format pen drive here.

In this way, you get many types of features in it. It is not possible to tell about everyone. You know when you use it. If you have any kind of problem, then you can contact and ask.

If you use the Hiren Boot CD correctly then it is very useful for you. Here we have used the old version. But you only use new.

You can use Mini windows on any operating system. Like we have done it here on window xp, if you want aap, you can use it on Windows 10 too. It works on all types of operating systems.

In this way, you can use Smart Boot Manager. Like we use the Boot Menu. Similarly, Smart Boot Manager can also be used in Hiren Boot CD.

You can remove the password in the same way. Here you can see in the image. You have to go to the option of password changer and press enter.

Here you get very simple steps. You just have to tell in 1 and 2 which option you want to use. Hiren Boot CD helps to remove password from SAM file. In such a situation, when you login, you are not asked any kind of password.

When you use Hiren Boot CD yourself, you understand yourself. How can you use it? It can be very full for you if you use it properly.

The Conclusion

I hope you know about the Hiren Boot CD. Here we have told everything how to use it, why it is used practically.

Here we have told you using some features of Hiren Boot CD, when you use it yourself, in such a way, you understand yourself.

All this has been told to you for educational purpose. You should never miss use Hiren Boot CD in any way. This file can be very useful for you.

I also work in Computer Repair. We also have many such customers who still use windows vista, windows 98 which is not secure at all.

If you have any kind of question then you can ask in the comment. Your complete help will be done from our side. Do share our blog.

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