Beacon Flood Attack Using Node MCU ?

You are being told in this article how to do Beacon Flood Attack and Wifi Jamming attack with the help of Node Mcu. You have also been told about Wifi Jamming before.

You are being told for educational purpose by using Beacon Flood Attack and wifi jamming attack Node Mcu. You should never miss all of this in any way.

As you have been told earlier in the Wifi Jamming attack, most of these attacks are done for fun. But in reality, these attacks are also not done for fun.

Note- This article is only for educational purpose. don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

Beacon Flood Attack And Wifi Jamming Attack?

You are being told first about the Beacon Flood Attack. How this attack is done, what is happening, you are being told to perform this attack.

Hackers can create many fake access points by using Beacon Flood Attack. You will be told how all this is done with the help of Node Mcu.

By using Beacon Flood Attack, we are giving you ssid and setting fake access points by name, encrypting use and telling you practically. All this is being told to you for educational purpose.

You have also been told about the Wifi Jamming attack earlier. You can see it by clicking here .What is WiFi Jamming attack in Hindi ?

Hackers can jam any wifi network using a wifi jamming attack. Here if a particular user has to disconnect, it is still used.

All this is being told to you with the help of Node Mcu IOT hacking article about Node MCU has also been mentioned before. It is a hardware device.

You can read about Node MCU by reading IOT Hacking article. Here you have also been told about it in the article of Best Hardware Hacking device

Wifi Jamming attack Using Node MCU ?

Here first you are being told to perform Wifi jamming attack. Here first you need Node MCU. This is a hardware.

Node Mcu is available on Amazon. Here first you need a software and script. First of all, you have to attach Node Mcu to your computer via USB cable.

Here you can see in the image. In this way, Node Mcu has to attach via usb cable. You use the original Usb cable here.

You can find this software on Github. You can download this software by clicking on the link here. Node Mcu Firmware Programmer.

After downloading this, you have to run the software. Here if you get the error of com port. Such mai you have to install the driver.

Here you have to run this software. You can see the path, you can also run similar software. When the error of com port comes, you have to install the driver.

Beacon Flood Attack

You can also find these drivers on google. If you want, you can also download from here. You can download the drivers by clicking on the link here. Download Link

Beacon Flood Attack

After the driver is installed, you have to upload the bin file in Node Mcu. This file is also being given to you along with the software itself. If you want, you can also download its different versions from github.

You can see here. In this way, the bin file has to be uploaded by clicking on the setting icon. After selecting this, click on Operation.

Beacon Flood Attack

Here you get flash button show instead of stop. After clicking on Flash, the bin file is uploaded to Node Mcu to perform Wifi Jamming and Beacon Flood Attack.

After uploading the file, you can use node mcu anywhere using any power bank or charger. Here you get a Wifi network show with pwned name.

You will have a wifi show with pwned name. He will be asked you password, he is deauther password fill karna. After filling the password, ip address has to be filled in the browser.

Beacon Flood Attack

Here you will get Wifi access points show. In our case, our own wifi network show is happening here. Here you can select whichever wifi network you want to attack.

Here, all wifi access points are shown by clicking on the option of scan. After the show, you will get the mac address of connected devices in the stations.

Here we are showing you by attacking. Something like this will be shown in the option of attacks. Death attack has to start. Here you will see that no device will be able to connect to wifi.

Beacon Flood Attack

In this way, the Wifi Jamming attack is done using Node Mcu. In the same way, we can also perform Beacon Flood Attack.

Beacon Flood Attack ?

Aise hi Node Mcu ka use karke Beacon Flood Attack ko bhi perform kar sakte hai. Yaha apko fake access point ke name dene hote hai. Attacks ke option mai apko ssid createkarne ka option bhi mil jata hai.

By using Node Mcu like this, Beacon can also perform Flood Attack. Here you have to give the name of fake access point. In the option of attacks, you also get the option to create ssid.

After creating SSID, you can see that you have to click on Enable Random. After all this, when you start the Beacon Flood Attack.

In this way you will be able to see many fake SSID shows. We have encrypted all this. You can use them as you wish.

Beacon Flood Attack

The Beacon Flood Attack has to start here. By using Node Mcu, you perform any type of attack. In such a way, blue light in Node Mcu shows you. Something like this .

Beacon Flood Attack

The Conclusion

I hope now you can understand about how to do with the help of Beacon Flood Attack and Wifi Jamming attack Node Mcu. You will soon get to see more attacks using Node Mcu.

It is not that Node Mcu is used only for Beacon Flood Attack or Wifi Jamming Attack. Node Mcu is used a lot of space.

All this has been told to you for educational purpose. You should never use all this to do any kind of fun or any kind of ki illegal activity.

Once the script is uploaded in Node Mcu, hackers can do this attacks from their mobile without power from their mobile power bank or charger.

If you have any kind of question related to Beacon Flood Attack or Wifi Jamming then you can ask in the comment. Your complete help will be done from our side.

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