How to hack Facebook using Cookies Hijacking ?

In this article we are telling you about cookies hijacking. Here you are being told another method of Facebook hacking. As you have been told earlier about some methods

You are told about Facebook hacking article about what cookies are. Here we are telling you the practical of Cookies Hijacking. Cookies Hijacking attack can also be done in wan network.

Cookies Hijacking attack can be done in many ways. Here we are telling you an example of this attack. It all depends on the hackers how they steal cookies from the victim’s browser.

Note – This post is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your Knowledge and skills.

What is Cookies ?

You must have heard a lot about cookies, you must have seen many times, all websites save cookies in your browser. All the websites you open on Google

Cookies of all websites are saved in your browser. These saved cookies are used for cookies Hijacking attack.

Cookies are a file where login passwords and all information are saved. It is not that only the username and passwords are saved in the cookies.

What you have browsed, what website you visit, everything is saved like if a hacker gets the cookies of your facebook account. In such a situation, he can open the account without a password.

These cookies can be removed only when the victim’s account is logged. So it is said that after using facebook account, always logout the account.

These cookies are used in cookies hijacking attack. Kali Linux can also be used to attack this. But we are telling you this attack with the help of some extensions. Cookies can also be hijacked using the Beef Framework

We are clearing you one thing already. Cookies have been used in this article for hijacking. They do not know how long she works.

Because this vulnerability is not of Facebook, it is of Browsers. Therefore, at which time which extension works, it is not known.

Like we had made a video on it earlier which was also uploaded on youtube. The one that was used at that time does not work anymore. YouTube and such videos strike

Here, in this article, you are being told about which still works properly. But it is not that it will always work. It is known only after doing this research. So you can see using such extension

How to do Cookies Hijacking attack?

Now let us show you how cookies hijacking attack works. To do all this you will need two extensions as well as chrome and firefox browser.

First of all, we are showing you that the facebook account has not been opened. Once you do all this for yourself, then only you will be able to believe. You can do this attack on any of your social media accounts.

This is a temporary account. After login here, we know that facebook account becomes open. If you also want to do practical work on any of your temporary accounts.

After the account is open, cookies are removed. Here, you will get the link which is also being used in hijacking cookies. If you want, you can also use them by typing on google.

This way cookies can be removed. This is done with the help of an extension, all you have to do is install it in the Chrome browser. Here we are downloading all cookies only. If you want, you can also remove cookies of a single website.

After doing all this a text file of cookies will be downloaded. Facebook account can be opened without knowing the password by using the same cookies. This is how Hijacking Cookies is done.

Cookies Hijacking

You get this file in some way by downloading it. This is the file that if any hacker gets. In such a situation, he opens the facebook account without a password. You can use it in any kind of social media passwords

You can parse this attack on your own account. There are many ways to remove cookies from a browser, that will also be told to you. You must know about these Hacking Script After downloading this file, open firefox. That is to add an add on.

This work is also done in chrome browser. As you have been told. It is not known when it will stop working. We will also tell you another extension which used to work earlier but does not do now

Mozilla Firefox step for Cookies Hijacking ?

After installing the addon in Firefox, you first check and open, there will be no account. If the account is already open, make sure to logout it

Cookies Hijacking

You can see there is no account here. Here you have to import the cookies that you downloaded. This is how cookies hijacking attack works.

Cookies Hijacking

You are getting an option show below. Cookies downloaded from here can be imported. Cookies are also used in website hacking.

Click on restore cookies from file here. After doing all this, you can select downloaded cookies and import them here. Cookies become a hijacking attack after cookies are imported.

Cookies Hijacking

You will get this message show in this way. After doing all this, you had no account of any kind on Facebook’s website. Just use refresh.

You will be able to see as soon as the website is refreshed. The account whose cookies were downloaded by itself. Will be open without login. This is a simple method of hijacking cookies. Told you all to understand

This work can also be done in Wan Network or via USB Stealer, rubber ducky. It has been told to you that if you want, you can also read our article.

Working Chrome Extension link

Firefox Add on Link

The Conclusion

I hope you know about hijacking cookies. This attack does not happen until facebook hacking. Gmail accounts can also be hacked.

The accounts of all those websites can be hacked. Those who are open in the victim’s computer, even if it is on any website.

To be safe from cookies hijacking attack, you must always logout your accounts when you are not using. Also always keep Browser updated

You have been told to understand this ek simple method of attacking. This attack can also be done with the help of rubber ducky. If you want, you can also read our article.

If you have any kind of question, you can ask in the comment. Your complete help will be done. If you like this article, then do share it.

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