Penetration Testing Tool (Mr Robot) Fsociety ?

In this article, we are telling you about Penetration Testing Tool Mr Robot Fsociety, you must have heard about Penetration Testing Tool at some time before because it is a very famous tool.

Ethical Hacker uses this Penetration Testing Tool a lot because this tool is a combination of many tools, we can do many different things with this tool, here we are telling you using some tools.

It is not possible to tell you about all the features that are being told for educational purpose, but we are telling you by using almost all the tools which are available in Fsociety.

Note- This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

What is MR Robot Fsociety tool ?

Before using this Penetration Testing Tool you should have found about it, you must have heard about Mr Robot series, it is a combination of the kind of hacking tools that have been used.

You get a lot of features in this tool, you are given the following list, here you can see that you can find basic hacking tools as well as some advanced hacking tools in this Penetration Testing Tool.

  • Information Gathering
  • Password Attacks
  • Wireless Testing
  • Exploitation Tools
  • Sniffing & Spoofing
  • Web Hacking
  • Private Web Hacking
  • Post Exploitation

If you use this tool properly, then this Penetration Testing Tool can be very useful for you, we are telling you all its options here as well as using some tools.

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How to use Fsociety Penetration Testing Tool ?

To use this Penetration Testing Tool, first of all you have to download this tool from github’s website and after downloading it, you have to install this tool. git clone

Penetration Testing Tool

You can install this tool using this command ./ This tool takes a little time to install, after install. You can run it by giving python command, here you can see in the image.

Penetration Testing Tool

Here you can use all the options, we are telling you by using some of the tools here, any tool you use in this Penetration Testing Tool is automatically downloaded and run.

Penetration Testing Tool

Here you can see that you get some options in the information gathering option in this way, here you can use it all like we are using nmap here, here you get further options.

As you can see in the image, we are doing simple scan here, in this way it performs port scanning using the Penetration Testing Tool nmap tool, here you can see in the image the information of open ports on the target pc is being shown.

Penetration Testing Tool

Just like we have used simple scan here, you can use port scanning and operating system scanning, similarly you can use all tools like set toolkit wpscan, these are all information gathering tool.

Penetration Testing Tool

Here you can see that whatever tool you use here, if that tool is not installed, in that case the tool is automatically installed. This can be done using a Penetration Testing Tool in many ways.

Just like here is password attacks in the second option, here you can see you get two tools like cupp tool you have been told earlier, cupp tool is used to create password wordlist. Brutex tool is used for cracking password.

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Penetration Testing Tool

Here you can see in the image the brutex tool automatically tries the bruteforce attack on open services on the target machine, in such a way it is used here to crack the password of service like FTP.

You can use sniffing tools in this way, here you get tools like Phishing attack, SSL Strip, SMTP Mailer like we do Phishing attack, this tool also creates Phishing files of any website.

Here you can see that as we have used facebook here, in this way php file, logs file and redirect information have to be given, similarly phishing pages can be created for any website, this attack used for facebook hacking.

After creating these files, you can find them only in the folder of fsociety, here you can see in the image, in this way, php file and html file are created in this way, undetectable phishing pages can also be created.

Here, as we upload Phishing files in a hosting, some of these files can also be uploaded, this has been told to you in an earlier article, you can also read them.

You will be told further how to create undetectable phishing pages or undetectable scam pages, as you have been told in Spamming undetectable scam pages are used here you can see how much this Penetration Testing Tool can do.

You can also use the private web hacking option as you can see in the image, after setting the target in this way, you can see it using all these features, you can use this Mr. Robot fsociety Penetration Testing Tool when Let’s do.

Only then you can understand its features, this tool also works like website Penetration Testing Tool, here you can see in the image, you get all the options in this way, you must use Mr Robot Tool.

The Conclusion

I hope you have been able to find out how to use this Mr Robot Fsociety Penetration Testing Tool, here we have told you using some options. we have tell you everything in easy language.

In the same way you can use any tool in Mr Robot fsociety Penetration Testing Tool, here we have told you using practically few tools, you can use all the features like this.

If you have any kind of problem in using this Mr Robot Fsociety Penetration Testing Tool, you can ask in the comment, you can also ask by contacting us.

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