Create payload Using Powerful Script ?

In this article, we are telling you a simple and powerful method of create payload, here we are telling you how to create payload for windows, android, linux, macos practically.

We are telling you all through simple method here, here you can create payload by just selecting some options, as well as this tool also gives you the option to download any payload in wan network.

In such a way, it is also easy to create payload with this tool, as well as the payload can also be downloaded from the victim using social engineering in the wan network, here social engineering examples have also been told to you earlier.

Note – This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

What is Rapid payload

Rapid payload is a tool that you get on github, we are using this tool here in this article to create payload, this tool is very useful for hacking windows, android hacking

The best thing about this tool is that it is a powerful script as well as it is very easy to create payload. This tool uses the metasploit framework itself, it has been told to you earlier.

This tool has to be downloaded first, then after installing the tool it can be easily used to create payload. git clone

Create payload

Here you can see in the image, after downloading the tool, in this way you have to install the tool, after giving this command, this tool is installed.

Create payload

After the tool is installed, we can use it to create a payload, to run the tool you have to give a command python3 here you must have python3 installed in Kali Linux, this tool will run in this way

Create Payload using RapidPayload

After the tool is installed, you can create a payload using this tool, here we are telling you by creating a payload for everyone, first of all we are telling you for windows.

Here you can see that you get the option to make all kinds of payload here, you can create payload according to your requirements here, here we have selected windows

Create payload

After doing all this, you are asked the type of payload, just like we give the type of payload in the metasploit framework, you are asked here as well, here we have used reverse tcp, you can also see by doing this.

Create payload

After selecting payload you are asked LHOST and LPORT as you can see in the image, in this way you have to fill it like payload name is also given here.

Here you can also use Ngrok as you can see here in the image, by selecting the option of Ngrok in this way, you can generate a Ngrok link by giving a payload name, in such a way, you can also use it in the wan network.

After all this is done, after creating the payload, when the send is made to the victim, it can download remotely. Here you need a listner, in such a way you can use msf listner.

Create payload

Here you have to fill all the information in this way like we give ip address port number and payload type in the metasploit framework, here you have to use the same port number which is used to create the payload.

Here you can see the meterpreter session has been found, once the session has been received, how can you remove the information? It has been told to you earlier as well that you can create a payload for any platform.

Similarly, you can also create payload for linux, here you can select linux option and select payload and use it as you can see in the image, we have selected payload here.

Create payload

After selecting payload type in this way, you have to give the name of LHOST and LPORT and payload like we have given for windows, same is given for linux, after doing all this, the listner is used.

Create payload

Just like we used listner for windows, we have to use listner for linux as well, here linux users do not use antivirus, there are more chances of getting hacked in such a way.

Create payload

Similarly, you can create payload based on python, here you can also create payload in python format, after selecting python option in this way, the type of payload is selected.

After selecting the same payload, LHOST and LPORT are given, just like we gave for windows, you can create a payload for android as well, after doing all this, the listner is started as it has been before.

The Conclusion

I hope that you have come to know about creating payload, here we have told you a simple and powerful method to create payload, you can create payload for any platform, if you want.

To create payload, you have been given earlier articles like Seafko, Android hack using L3MON Tool, you can read our articles if you want, you can create payload for mac os as well, we do not have mac os available so no Can be told

Just like we have created payload for windows, similarly payload can also be created for mac os, if you have mac os available, you can use it and see that you have to follow all the same steps.

It is not that there are no more methods to create payload, you get many methods but the most important thing is that the payload cannot be detected, in such a case, the victim’s devices do not give any kind of security warning.

All this cannot be told to you here, but we will definitely introduce you some tools here, you will be updated, you will soon be told about them, how hackers can create undetectable payload.

All this has been told to you for educational purpose, I hope that you will not use it in any way, if you have any kind of question, then you can ask in the comment.

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