Computer Based Social Engineering ?

In this article, we are telling you about Computer Based Social Engineering, what is Computer Based Social Engineering and what kind of attacks come in it.

We have already given you two articles on social engineering, we have also told you social engineering examples, if you want, you can also read our article, we have told you a lot about social engineering.

Here we are telling you about Computer Based Social Engineering like what kind of attacks are taken in it, but before going all this you must read about Social Engineering once.

If you tell the reality about it then you can understand that you get a lot of definition of social engineering on google and youtube, but you cannot learn this because it all depends on your mind.

Note – This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

What is Computer Based Social Engineering ?

Before going about the attack of Computer Based Social Engineering, you should know what it is that is called Computer Based Social Engineering, let’s know about it.

If we try to understand Computer Based Social Engineering in easy language, then you can say that all those attacks which are computer based or mobile based or through internet are done.

Computer Based Social Engineering

All those attacks come in Computer Based Social Engineering such as Phishing Attacks, Malware Attacks, Remove Attack Method or how we can do these attacks are also called Computer Based Social Engineering.

Here we are telling you about some terms that you may not have heard about before, such as Hoax Letters, Chain Letters, SMS Based, Email Based and many more which we have told you earlier.

Social engineering techniques

Computer Based Social Engineering

Let us now tell you what kind of attacks come in Computer Based Social Engineering and how hackers do these attacks, it is being told to you for educational purpose.

Hoax Letters

First of all, we are telling you about Hoax Letters, what it is and how hackers do this attack. You must have seen this many times in your mobile, you have a notification that your mobile has a virus.

In such a situation, it is convince to install some kind of app, here these attacks are called Hoax Letters where payload is installed by giving victims some kind of fear.

Computer Based Social Engineering

As you can see in the image, in front of you too, such a popup will happen automatically, seeing the name of Google, most users trust it and install apps, in this way their mobile phones are hacked.

Chain Letters

Chain letters are also similar to some Hoax letters as you have been told, fear of people in Hoax letters is taken advantage of, but in chain letters people are lured and lured.

Let us try to understand this by example, you have many such surveys which you are asked to complete, that you should share it in five groups, only then you are rewarded here it is called chain letters.

Computer Based Social Engineering

Because here some such persons are doing attacks, who are not even aware that their through hackers are doing some kind of hacking attack as you can see the example of spin and earn in the image.

Spam Messages

We have also told you about spam messages before, you have been told everything about spamming and scam pages, how are hackers spamming, how to send email in direct inbox using softwares like Sendblaster.

Here also Spam messages mean the same, where hackers organize a victim by creating some kind of scam pages, there are similar Spam messages as you can see in the image, you get examples of many such Spam messages.

Similar send fake sms are also there, Spam messages are also used there, you also have fake messages on your number many times that you have won this reward where your personal information is taken from you.

Phishing Attacks

Almost everyone knows about Phishing Attacks. There will not be any person who is interested in Ethical Hacking and will not know about Phishing Attack. It also comes in Computer Based Social Engineering

Phishing attack is very common attack but can be very useful even today if hackers do this attack in a genuine way like masking url has been told to you, Homograph and Tab napping are also mentioned.

Masking Url for Phishing Attack ?

Similar phishing attack is also done in many ways, here it is also done with water hole attack. Browser is also done with hijacking. Hackers can perform a simple attack in many ways.

We have given you many types of articles related to Phishing Attack, you can read them if you want. We have also told you about Phishing Apps before, here Hackers also use malicious apps.

Spam Emails and Messenger ?

You must have heard many times about Spam Emails where hackers send fake mails through a genuine company as you have been told how hackers hack facebook accounts by sending fake mails in facebook hacking.

Here we want to make you clear one thing that it is not necessary that hackers use fake mails only for facebook hacking or any kind of social media hacking, here hackers do this for carding or information gathering too.

The Conclusion

I hope that now you can Understand about Computer Based Social Engineering, we have told you here in detail about Computer Based Social Engineering.

Here we want to tell you one thing that it is not that computer based social engineering has these methods, every method where technology is being used in some way, all of them come in computer based social engineering.

It is not as if we have told you about some kind of attack, the hackers do those attacks in the same way, it all depends on the hackers how they attack, regardless of any kind of Hacking Attack.

If you have any question related to computer based social engineering or any kind of question, then you can ask us in a comment, you will be fully helped on our behalf, there is a similar human based social engineering about which you will be told further.

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