Hack Social media Passwords via Data Breaches ?

In this article, we are telling you about Hack Social Media Passwords via Data Breaches like how to find Data Breaches and also you will be told how our passwords are available anywhere on the internet.

If we tell you that the passwords of your social media accounts are always there on the Internet, in such a situation, you probably will not believe this, but it is true that our data gets leaked somewhere on the Internet.

Here we are also telling you about a website, if you are interested in ethical hacking, in such a situation, you must have heard about this website at some time, it is being told to you for all educational purpose.

We are telling you here in detail about Data Breaches, as well as you will also know here what kind of websites leak your username and passwords, do not misuse any of the methods mentioned here.

Note- This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

What is haveibeenpwned ?

Here, the name of the website that we are using is haveibeenpwned. On this website you get information related to a lot of data breaches. You must also have heard about this website at some point.

information gathering tool in kali linux

Like which website’s data base has been leaked, your username and passwords have been leaked through which website as well as here you can also check whether the password you are thinking of for the account is in the leaked data base or not.

Data Breaches


Many social media accounts are hacked through this website, how do all these hackers do as you read this article, you will understand everything very well, how our username passwords are always on the internet.

In such a way, you can understand yourself if our username and passwords live on the internet, in such a way our social media accounts can also be hacked very easily using data breaches.

How to keep your social media accounts safe

How to hack social media accounts

You must have heard many times that the data of this website has been leaked, many such social media websites have also got data leak, which is made public on the dark web, later the same database is used by black hat hackers.

How Hackers Find Leaked Database ?

Like, in an article about how to learn Ethical Hacking free, we told you about some movies, how the information is misused in a movie.

Similar hackers also use the Leaked Database incorrectly, here comes the question how to find data breaches or how to find Leaked Database all of this you get on the dark web but it is not that you get it easily from all

It all depends on you, if you tell the truth then Leaked Database can also be found in telegram, whatsapp groups, but for this you have to join many types of groups and stay active.

All of our data on the Internet is public, but all that is needed is a finder, black hat hackers do the same thing, from this they hack social media accounts and try a list of passwords on them.

How to use haveibeenpwned Data Breaches ?

Now let’s talk about how we can find out whether the password of our account is leaked in a data breaches attack or not, we are using this website as you can see in the image.

Data Breaches

Here we have given our own email address, here you can see it by giving an email address in the same way, you can read here the password of this email address has been leaked through three websites.

Data Breaches

You can also see here which websites through which passwords have been leaked, here hackers find the leaked database of these data breaches websites on the dark web, after doing all this, some tools are done through bruteforce attack.

How to hack wifi using bruteforce attack

Data Breaches

In the same way you can also check here which websites have the data leaked, you get all about here. This website saves the information of the Leaked Database which the users can know that their accounts have been leaked.

In this way, you can see in the image, here you can check any password by filling any of your choice, this website tells you whether this password is in the Leaked Database on the Internet or not.

In the same way, from here you can also find a strong password that is not in the Leaked Database, as you can see in the image, in this way you can also find a strong password, this website is very helpful for you.

The Conclusion

I hope now you understood about how hackers can hack our social media accounts using data breaches and how our username passwords are always on the Internet.

Here we have not told you much about how to find data breaches as it cannot be told here but on the Dark web you get all this, you get many kinds of websites where you get Leaked Database.

Here we have told you the use of haveibeenpwned completely, you can also use this website to execute Hacking as well as you can also keep the accounts secure by using some similar hackers data breaches using social media accounts.

If you have any kind of question related to data breaches or related to Hacking, in such a way, you can ask in a comment, we will help you completely, you can read all the topics of CEH here.

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