Website Scanning tools in Kali Linux ?

In this article, we are telling you about Website Scanning tools in kali linux, these are all Website Scanning tools that you can use easily, we are telling you the use of all practically.

As you have been told earlier, gathering information is the first step to do any kind of hacking, in such a way that hackers collect information of target using Website Scanning tools.

All this is being told to you for educational purpose, as you have been told earlier about Sniper tool, one of these Website Scanning tools works but it is a little advance tool.

Information Gathering tool in Kali Linux ?

Note – This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

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Importance of Information gathering ?

As we have told you earlier in a lot of articles, how important information gathering is for any hacker, it is not necessary that hackers use Website Scanning tools only.

If you understand the information gathering in easy language, then any information related to the target which is less of hacker or any way of collecting more and more information about the target comes in the information gathering itself.

In this case, hackers also use Website Scanning tools as well as physically collect the information of the target as the target is a company server, in such a way, the information companies of the servers collect from the employees.

Website Scanning tools

Like this, hackers use Website Scanning tools to collect all the information related to the target on the internet, here hackers manually collect information through google.

Like you told us about the movie in the article How to learn Ethical Hacking free, if you watch that movie, then you will understand how important it is to collect information, it is also a dialogue of the movie (information is wealth)

Website Scanning tools

Here we are telling you about some Website Scanning tools, all of which you can find on github’s website, although there are many such tools which are used in information gathering.

If you use all these tools, in such a way, these tools help you in gathering a lot of information, it may not be possible to tell about all, here we are telling you about some famous and useful tools.


First of all, you are telling about the photon tool, this tool helps a lot in collecting information of any website, when you use it, you will automatically understand how useful this tool is.

First of all, you have to download this tool and install it, as you can see in the image, in this way you can use this tool. git clone

Website Scanning tools

Here you can see by running this tool in the image, in this way you get all the commands shown here, according to your requirements here you can use these commands.

Website Scanning tools

As you can see in the image, in this way, Information Gathering is done by using this tool, this tool is the first tool from the list ofWebsite Scanning tools about which you have been told.

Website Scanning tools

In this way, you can collect more types of targeted website by using this tool, here you can define what kind of information you have to collect for the targeted website.

Website Scanning tools

By using this tool, you can also clone the website as you can see in the image, in this way any website can be clone, perform all this only on websites made for practical testing purpose.

Website Scanning tools

Any kind of information that you collect using this Website Scanning tool is found in the same folder as you can see in the image, in this way, this information has been hidden due to security reasons.


In this way, you can use the Osmedeus tool to collect information, as you have previously been told about the Sniper tool where information is collected using the single command, this tool is also used.

Penetration Testing Framework Tools ?

This tool is the second tool in our list of Website Scanning tools. It uses automatic single tool and many types of tools. When you use it, you automatically understand how is useful this tool .

First of all, you have to download and install this tool as you can see in the image, in some way this website scanning tool is installed. git clone

Website Scanning tools

This tool takes a little time to install because this tool also installs other tools with which it uses as you can see in the image, in some way this is the installation process of Website Scanning tools.

After installing this website scanning tool, you can run this tool in this way, here you can also check this tool itself, after this tool is run, you show something like this.

Website Scanning tools

After running the Osmedeus tool, you can collect the complete information of any website using the single command, as you can see in the image, after scanning the command, some way it starts scanning.

Website Scanning tools

Just like this tool takes time to install, similarly this tool also takes time to scan the targeted website, because it collects all the information and gives it to you as you can see in the image.

Also, this tool gives you by collecting sub domain, nmap, website screenshot, website internal links and many other types of information. as you can see in the image.

Website Scanning tools

Whatever information this tool collects, you get it by creating a proper folder, here we have stopped this tool because it has been told to understand how the Website Scanning tools work.

Spider Foot

In the same way, you can also use the Spider foot website Scanning Tool, first of all you have to download and install this tool as you can see in the image. git clone

After the tool is installed, you can run it and use it, in some way you can run the tool by executing the command, it is open in the tool browser as you can see in the image you have been given the link.

Website Scanning tools

After opening the link in the browser, this tool opens in front of you in such a way that any website can be scanned using this tool, here you also get the feature of graph as well as this tool uses 190+ modules.

Here you can set your target by clicking on new scan, here you have to take care of one thing, you have to give the target set without https, if you say in easy language, you have to give the domain name.

After setting the target you can set the scanning here according to your own, here we are telling you by scanning all, you have to click on run scan now button here. This tool comes in the list of website scanning tools.

As you can see in the image, in this way, this tool scans the targeted website.Here, if you have to scan the website properly, you have to give some time, you get all such information by collecting.

Similarly, you can see whatever information you receive here by clicking on any information, in this way.As you can see in the image, you can check by clicking on any information like this.

In the same way you can also check the graph as you can see in the image, in this way you can also show the graph of the targeted website scanning, here you can also see all the modules in the settings, you will find everything in this tool.

The Conclusion

I hope now you can understand about all these Website Scanning tools. We have told you practically about the three website scanning tools here and many more such types of tools are used.

It is not possible to tell about all in one article, here you may have never heard their name before, but this website scanning tool can be very useful for you if you use them properly.

In the same way, if you want to know about Facebook Hacking, Whatsapp Hacking, Bluetooth Hacking, you can also learn all this here, if you have any kind of question, you can ask in the comment.

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