How do Hackers Create undetectable phishing pages?

In this article, we are telling you about how Hackers Create undetectable phishing pages Hackers use undetectable phishing pages in live hosting of Phishing attack.

Here we are practically telling you about undetectable phishing pages, but here you are not being told by uploading in any kind of hosting, all this is being told to you for educational purpose.

We will also tell you here how Hackers create their undetectable phishing pages just as you have been told about Spamming and scam pages, similarly Hackers also create undetectable phishing pages.

Note- This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

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What is Undetectable Phishing Pages ?

Before going about undetectable phishing pages, you should know what are undetectable phishing pages. How do hackers create such pages.

Here you should know what are the undetectable phishing pages as we know that we cannot upload any kind of phishing pages on hosting in such a way that hackers need undetectable pages.

Here undetectable does not mean that it is undetectable for the user, here it becomes undetectable for some kind of hosting, so the question arises that what is there in them that it is undetectable.

Encryptions are used in such pages, in this article you are being told that Base64 algorithm has been used in those pages, similarly hackers can make any kind of pages undetectable.

How to Create Undetectable phishing pages ?

Here the tool that we are using is found on the website of github, first of all you have to download this tool, we are using the local server here Hackers upload these files in hosting and use them.

After downloading this tool, you can open it by uploading it to the htdocs folder of xampp server, all you know is how localhost is used.

As you can see in the image, in this way we have downloaded these files and uploaded them to the htdocs folder, if you want to see it practical then you can also do so.

Phishing Pages

But if you have to upload this tool on live hosting here, then you should know about the website and hosting only then you can use it by uploading on live hosting.

If you want to know about it, in such a way you can tell in a comment, we will also tell you here how to upload the files of a website on live hosting. This is how Hackers create undetectable phishing pages.

Phishing Pages

As you can see in the image, in this way you can also see the use of this tool practically, here you are asked the username and password, you have to fill the fish in the username and password here.

Phishing Pages

After this tool is open, something gets opened in front of you in this way, here you get all the phishing pages undetectable in this tool, why is this also you are being told how the algorithms have been used.

Phishing Pages

Here you can see that all kinds of testing links are being shown, just like when you upload this tool in hosting, in such a way the domain name is shown instead of localhost, this way hackers use this tool

In this way, if the hackers want here, then they can also use the homograph technique, in such a way, you can understand yourself how the hackers can execute hacking by using homograph attack, undetectable phishing pages, phishing attacks.

Phishing Pages

In the same way, you can modify any kind of phishing pages according to the option of the settings, as you can see in the image, we have told you all this to explain how this tool is used.

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Here you get many types of phishing pages like instagram, messenger, netflix, github, here you do not have to upload all kinds of pages in hosting again, you just have to upload grayfish files.

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You get a lot of tools like this, but if you want to create your undetectable phishing pages, you can also do that, you have to encrypt the source code, how it is done, it cannot be told here.

In this way, you can see any phishing pages here, you can also find many more phishing pages here besides Facebook, you can see this in the tool itself, you can use all of them.

undetectable phishing pages

Just like we have used facebook login page for facebook hacking here, when the victim fills his username and password, he is found in the files in this tool, you can see in the image.

In this way, you can see here in the source code of any php file, you get the use of Base64 algorithm, if you know about Cryptography, in such a way you can create more undetectable pages.

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The Conclusion

I hope that now you can understand about undetectable phishing pages, we have told you about the same tool here, you get more such tools. This is how Hackers create undetectable phishing pages.

But in reality, when a hacking is done in this way, then hackers create their own undetectable phishing pages, this has been told to practically convince you, don’t miss using it in any way.

Here Base64 algorithm has been used in this tool, similarly Hackers can encrypt complete source code according to their own way, in this way Hackers can make any page undetectable, in this way only Hackers can do many kinds of hacking.

In such a way, you can understand yourself how a phishing attack is called a very common attack, how can hackers do the same as you have been told about the masking URL for Phishing attack in the earlier article.

Here you use any method mentioned in our article only to gain your knowledge, if you like our article, then definitely share our article. Subscribe our blog for latest updates.

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