What is Website Defacement Attack with Example ?

In this article, we are telling you about the website defacement Attack, like what is website defacement Attack, how hackers defacing a website must have done some research about it at some time or the other.

As we all know website defacement attack is completely illegal, so you cannot even be told to live here, but how it is done, we are telling you here deeply that all this is being told to you for educational purpose.

You too must have seen this many times, when you open a website, you do not get the original content, it is hacked by anonymous, hacked by person name.

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Note- This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

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What is Website Defacement ?

First of all you need to know what a website defacement attack is and why hackers do it like you might have seen many times hackers hack a lot of Pakistan websites on independence day or republic day.

In such a situation, hackers remove hacked websites with their deface page, here if the website owner does not have a backup, then they also suffer a lot of damage, so always keep a backup of all websites.

Website Defacement

In such a way, you can think yourself how dangerous the website defacement attack is, to understand you here, we have setup this attack on our own local host, here you can see that the page show like this.

Most website defacement attacks are done on websites from India to Pakistan and on Indian websites from Pakistan, it is not that hackers can deface any website, only vulnerable websites can be deface here.

How Hackers Do Website Defacement Attack ?

Here we cannot tell you properly how hackers attack website defacement because as you know there are some limitations here, you cannot be told everything practically.

Here we want to tell you one thing, whatever shell and deface page we are using here, it is not ours, we have taken it from github, this is being told to understand you, so they have been used.

Never use all of this to do any kind of illegal hacking because it is all completely illegal, you have been told to increase your knowledge without anyone’s permission if you do such I may have problem with you

Website Defacement

Here the shell that we are using is the wso shell which you get on github, we are not telling the website defacement attack on any kind of live website, we are telling you all by doing it on the local host itself.

If you want, you can see the website of the website defacement by doing practical work on the local server, it is not that the shell is uploaded in the website defacement and the home page is removed.

You get many more terms in website defacement such as there is no single method of uploading zone-h and mirror-h, shell, but here it cannot be told to you.

Website Defacement attack

When you get deeply into hacking the website, in such a way, you understand yourself, you get a lot of hacking terms that you have never heard of, you can deeply learn bug bounty to do all this.

As you can see in the image we have done everything manually here but in reality hackers have to find the vulnerable website first to attack the website defacement, after that they attack the website defacement

Just like we have used the WSO shell here, you get a lot of shells like this, hackers can also do this by using Cpanel cracking here, as well as the vulnerability of file upload.

What is Cracking ( RDP and Accounts Crack ) ?

If it is said in easy language, then hackers have to upload the shell in the website’s website by any means, now it depends on the hackers how they access a website’s database and upload the shell.

After uploading the shell, hackers can easily do things like change, delete the files of the database, hackers can enter any directory through the shell, here you can understand how the hackers can access the complete website by uploading the shell. is

After all this hackers inde. Let’s change the php file from our deface page, as we all know whenever a website is opened, the index file is the first to open.

In this case, hackers change the home page by attacking website defacement, if hackers want, they can also inject php backdoor, in such a way hackers do not perform website defacement attack.

How to Create PHP Backdoor ?

Website Defacement attack

In such a future, if the hackers have to access the website’s database, then they can do it through php backdoor. Once the shell is uploaded, the hackers can easily modify the website of their choice.

In such a way, you can understand yourself how dangerous the website defacement attack can be, in such a situation, you should always keep your website secure, you can also read about how you can be safe from website defacement attack.

How we safe websites from Hackers ?

Let us now tell you how you can keep your website safe from website defacement attacks, like first of all you must check whether there is vulnerability of file uploading in your website.

Just like if there is any kind of option to upload the file in your website, in such a way, you can upload the shell and see if the shell is uploaded, then you will understand that there is vulnerability of uploading the file in your website.

In order to protect your cpanel from being hacked, you always keep a strong password, here we want to tell you that cpanel can be hacked without any scripts, all of this cannot be told to you here.

Just like if you are on your website, if your website is on wordpress, never use a weak plugin, never use crack plugins, always keep the wordpress and plugins updated. have thought to attack defacement

In such a situation, he will go to any extent and will attack the website defacement on your website because there are also Black Hat Hackers who are very stubborn so it becomes very difficult to stay safe from them.

The Conclusion

I hope that you have come to know about the website defacement attack, we know that here we have told you a lot of terms that have not been told about this, because you cannot be told everything like this openly.

We would like to tell you once again here website defacement is completely illegal, this work is done by black hat hackers, so do not ever do it because you do not know how hard you have tried to deface your website.

All this has been told to you for educational purpose, I hope that you will do not miss use this attack . If you have any kind of question, in such a way, you can ask in the comments, your full help will be from our side.

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