How to Secure Your Passwords ?

In this article, we are telling you about how to secure your passwords, if you also want to know about secure your passwords, you can use it in this way.

Here we are telling you a simple method of keeping Secure your passwords , if you wish, you can do research about it, you will find everywhere that how safe keepassxc is to store your passwords

If you want, you can keep secure your passwords secure , which you want that nobody else should know other than you, in such a way, you can use keepassxc.

What is keepassxc ?

First of all you should know why we use keepassxc and why we need to keep our passwords secure only then you can use it correctly.

As we all know today, everyone has different gmail accounts, Facebook accounts, in such a way it becomes a bit difficult to remember everyone’s passwords, in such a way keepassxc is used to keep secure your passwords.

keepassxc is such a software where you can keep your passwords of any kind secure, like if you have an account in any website, you can also save with the website.

You can use this software in both windows and linux, here we are showing you its use in windows operating system practically, you can use it according to your requirements.

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How to use keepassxc for Secure your Passwords ?

First of all, you have to download this software and install it, just like we normally download and install any software, you can install it as well.

Secure Your Passwords

After the software is installed, when you run it, in such a way that this software is open in front of you, now here you can use it to keep Secure your passwords.

Secure Your Passwords

Here you have to create a database to keep secure your passwords, as you can see here, you have to click on create new database here, after clicking here, you can give the database name according to your here.

Secure Your Passwords

After clicking continue here, something opens in this way in front of you, here you can use all these settings as you wish, here you can also set the type of encryption by going to advanced settings.

After doing all this, you have to set your own password, in such a way, after doing all this, the software gives you a shortcut by creating it, you can save it here in your laptop where you want.

In such a way, whenever you have your computer or laptop On, this file automatically opens and you are asked the password. After doing all this, this software opens in front of you in this way, here you can keep Secure your passwords.

Secure Your Passwords

Here you can see you are showing sign of plus, by clicking here, you can keep secure your passwords. You can save your passwords here as well as website, as shown here.

Secure Your Passwords

In such a way, you can keep the password of any website secure, as you have accounts on many types of websites, in such a way it is difficult to remember everyone’s username and passwords, in such a way you can use it.

In such a situation, if you want, then you can also make your passwords more secure by generating a key here. Then you can also doing this for generating key.

Secure Your Passwords

In such a way, the passwords saved in your software become even more secure. Your passwords require both your password and key to open the file.

Here, if you want, you can also use any hardware device to unlock your secured passwords, you can use this software yourself and you can see a lot of security here.

If you fill the password here incorrectly, you cannot open it here, if you have used both your password and password, in such a case, you have to open it by using both.

Secure Your Passwords

Here if you want, then you can use it with the browser as well, in such a way, whenever you save passwords in your browser, they are saved automatically here too, here you can also use SSH Client.

If you want here that you want to share secure your passwords with any other person, in such a way, you can also make settings for that person here, in the same way you can save your passwords by forming groups here.

Here groups means like you have to save email accounts by creating a group of emails in such a way, if you have to save passwords of websites, in such a way you can keep any kind of passwords in sequence by creating a group of websites.

The Conclusion

I hope that you have come to know how you can keep Secure your passwords s, it is not that there is only one such method to keep secure your passwords .

Here we would like to tell you one thing that you cannot completely trust third party softwares, just as we hear such news on the same day, some big company has leaked users’ data.

In such a way, you can think for yourself that in today’s time when we cannot fully trust a big company, how can we fully trust such third party softwares, here you can use it to secure your passwords.

But we will tell you the same reason to save passwords here as we are humans, in such a way we have to create an account on many types of websites, which we have to use only occasionally, in such a way, you save the passwords of those websites here.

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Here if you face any kind of problem in using this software, in such a way, you can ask in the comments, your full help will be done from our side, if you like our article, then definitely share it.

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