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Clickjacking and Phishing

In this article, we are telling you that how hackers can use Clickjacking and Phishing attack together and hack someone’s facebook account, all this is being told to you for educational purpose.

We have already told you a lot about clickjacking vulnerability and phishing attack, and most of all know about phishing attack, if you do not know about clickjacking attack, then you can read our article.

Here before you can use Clickjacking and phishing attack together, you should know what a Clickjacking and phishing attack is, only then you can do it.

Here we are telling you about the Clickjacking and phishing attack by giving an example, here you are only being told a demo if you use the Clickjacking and phishing attack together in advance, there are more chances.

Here we can not tell you practically by using Clickjacking and phishing attack at advance level but we are definitely guiding you here as well as giving you an example.

Note- This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

Clickjacking and Phishing

By the way, we have already told you about Clickjacking and phishing attack, but you are also being given some basic information about it here, if you want to go more deeply about it, in such a way you can read our article.

In a clickJacking attack, a hacker hides some kind of WEBSITE behind some kind of web page. Which is why the normal user clicks on the hacker-created WEBSITE for some other reason.

In a phishing attack, a hacker sends a link to a page that looks like a Facebook to his Victim. After sending the link, the user has a Login Page show that looks like Facebook.

When Victim fills his Username and password there. In such a situation, the information filled through Victim goes to the Hacker.

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Clickjacking and Phishing for Facebook Hacking ?

Now let us tell you how hackers use Clickjacking and Phishing attack together here, you are being given a demo, but in reality how all this is done cannot be told here.

As we all know there are some limitations due to which everything cannot be told here, but if you know about phishing attack, homograph attack, masking url, undetectable phishing pages and Clickjacking attack

In such a way, you can also use Clickjacking and Phishing attack simultaneously at the advance level. We have told you all about them, if you have not read our articles, then you must first read them.

Clickjacking and Phishing

As you can see in the image, this is a simple phishing page, we have created a phishing page from the online website to give you a demo, here this page detects your browser.

But if clickjacking attack is used with undetectable phishing pages, then the browser does not detect the address, in such a way, clickjacking and phishing attack can be used simultaneously in advance level.

Clickjacking and Phishing

As you can see in the image it is a simple clickjacking script where we have used the label or text box with the button but if you know html programming language, then you can easily make this page into a genuine way.

Best Programming language for hacking ?

As you can see here the phishing page has been hidden, if you wish, you can also hide this phishing page by opacity completely 0, how it is done will also be told in this article.

Clickjacking and Phishing

In such a way, when you fill the username and password here, after that when the click here button is clicked, in such a way the username and password goes to the hackers, in this way Clickjacking and phishing attack are used together.

Clickjacking and Phishing

Here you are thinking that the username and password is being shown in the background, this opacity is not yet 0 so that you can show it in the same way, if you want, you can also show the same text using the programming language which show you in the background.

How is this done, if you know programming languages, then you will understand how value can be inputted in textbox, here you can not be told.

As you can see here we have got the username and password. We have set the button, label and textarea here in such a way that it will show on the same place where the username and password have to be filled.

Clickjacking and Phishing

Just like you can see here, we have made the opacity here 0, in such a way that only the show you want to show to the user is the phishing page in the background, normal user does not know that.

In such a situation, when a normal user fills his username and password here, he gets the hacker, in this way, hackers can hack facebook account by using Clickjacking and phishing attack together.

In this way, you can see in the image, you get opacity in this coding, from here you can check by yourself and see if the website which is in the iframe is hidden in the same website background.

We hope that you have now understood how hackers can use Clickjacking and phishing attack together, you can understand yourself how many ways to do a phishing attack alone.

That’s why we have told you many times in earlier articles that phishing attack can be a dangerous attack if hackers do it properly, similar phishing attack can be used with many types of attack.

Clickjacking Prevention ?

Let us now tell you how you can avoid clickjacking attack, here we are telling you some tips which you can easily relate to this article.

By the way, there are other ways to stay safe from clickjacking attack such as frame killing, cropping, hidden overlay, you will be told about it further, but here we are telling you some Clickjacking Prevention so that you can be safe from this type of Clickjacking and phishing attack.

First of all, if a newbie uses Clickjacking and phishing attack simultaneously, in such a way that if he does not create an undetectable phishing page, then firstly your browser detects this attack as you can see.

If your browser is not able to detect, in such a way, you can source the view page and check its coding, as you can see in the image, there is a website in the iframe, you can see it directly by visiting this website.

The Conclusion

I hope that now you can understand about how to use Clickjacking and Phishing attack together. We have told you here by Clickjacking and Phishing practically

How much advance level of clickjacking and phishing attack to use together depends on all the hackers. Here, clickjacking and phishing attack can also be used with homograph attack or masking url.

In such a way, you can understand yourself how in the field of Ethical Hacking, how can hackers do a simple attack to hack their target in advance, in such a way, normal users do not even know.

If you have any kind of question related to Clickjacking and Phishing, then you can ask in a comment, we will help you completely if your laptop or computer has antivirus, in such a way, Clickjacking and Phishing attack is detected.

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