Use of Active Scan++ in Burp Suite?

In this article ,We are telling you about active scan++ like how to use active scan++ in burp suite. You must have heard about your active scan++, you are being told about this extension by practically using it.

We will be told you how active scan++ is useful for you, you can easily find bugs in your target website by using it, it can be very helpful for you.

All this is being told to you for educational purpose, you can also consider this extension as advance Website vulnerability scanner because the work which burp suite cannot do alone can do this job with this extension.

Note- This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

Active scan++ ?

Before using Active scan ++, you should know what it is and how it helps to find bugs for you. If you use this extension, you get a lot of benefit in this way.

As you have been told, you also get normal vulnerability scanner in burp suite but if you use active scan ++, then you get advance vulnerability scanner and it becomes easy to find bugs.

You get hints of bugs in a website from active scan ++, after that you have to manually exploit bugs and show them because the bug found by any kind of automatic tool in bug hunting is not called valid bug.

Here you are also being told about some features of active scan ++, which you can read if you want to install extensions in burp suite, as well as if you want, you can also read this on our website.

ActiveScan++ extends Burp Suite’s active and passive scanning capabilities. Designed to add minimal network overhead, it identifies application behaviour that may be of interest to advanced testers.

Active Scan++
  • Potential host header attacks (password reset poisoning, cache poisoning, DNS rebinding)
  • Edge side includes
  • XML input handling
  • Suspicious input transformation (eg 7*7 => ’49’, \x41\x41 => ‘AA’)
  • Passive-scanner issues that only occur during fuzzing (install the ‘Error Message Checks’ extension for maximum effectiveness)
  • Blind code injection via expression language, Ruby’s open() and Perl’s open()
  • It also provides insertion points for HTTP basic authentication.

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Use of Active Scan++

Let us now tell you how you can use active scan ++, first of all you have to install this extension as you have been told in the earlier article.

Active Scan++

Here after this, you must check once in extensions whether your active scan++ extension is installed correctly or if you get any kind of error, you can also install manually.

By the way, you do not encounter any error in installing active scan++, but if you still get some kind of error, then you can manually install it in this way.

Active Scan++

You are given a link here if you have to face some kind of error while installing it, in such a way, you can manually use it by installing active scan++.

After doing all this, you do not have this extension show in the menu because it attaches itself to the burp suite, in such a way, you are being told how to use it, we are using a vulnerable website here.

Active Scan++

As you can see in the image, first you have to add your target in the scope here, after that you can find bugs by using active scan++ extension on it.

Active Scan++

After adding to the scope, you can filter and show the scope items as well, here we are telling you the same way as you can see in the image, in general issues you can find the burp suite by finding this much.

Active Scan++

Here you have to right click on the target website to actively scan this host, after this you will be able to see that you find active scan++ extension by finding all kinds of issues here if you get high security vulnerability.

Clickjacking and phishing for facebook hacking

In such a way, you have to manually increase the impact of bugs and report it by exploit it, if you do this manually, then your found bug is called valid bug.

After doing all this, you can check in the dashboard, you get that active scan show as you can see in the image, by clicking here in detail you can see your target as much as possible.

As you can see in the image, here you also get the option to filter in issues activity, here you can see different types of bugs like high, low, medium as well as you can also click on the request.

In the same way, you can also click on audit items and check, here you get to see the complete information of the target like how the request is responding, how is the bug affecting the way.

The Conclusion

I hope that now you can understand about active scan ++ extension, here we have told you to manually install active scan ++ extension also from burp suite.

We are telling you this from our experience here, if you use active scan ++ extension properly, in such a way it becomes very easy for you to find bugs in a website, in such a way, you must use it.

If you get any kind of error in using active scan ++ extension, in such a way, you can ask in the comment, we will help you completely, this active scan ++ extension works on all kinds of websites.

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