Exploitation Tools in Kali Linux ?

In this article, we are telling you about Exploitation Tools in Kali Linux, what are Exploitation Tools and why are they used, it will be told to you in this article.

We have previously told you about all in one hacking tools, in those same tools you get Exploitation Tools, why are they used, today you will know in this article

All this is being told for educational purpose, you should never miss use it in any way, we are practically telling you about two such tools here.

Note – This post is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

What is Exploitation Tools ?

Before using Exploitation Tools, you should know what Exploitation Tools are and why they are used, you must have heard the name of Exploits on your lot.

Here hackers can use any kind of devices by using Exploitation Tools, by exploiting them, you can hack websites of some kind by Exploit websites.

If we understand Exploitation Tools in easy language, then such tools are useful in many hacking attacks such as Exploitation to find routers and MITM attacks to Exploit and also used Exploitation Tools in many ways.

This tools can be used in many ways, hackers can use any other tools with these tools, it all depends on your practice, how do you learn more and more about them.

Like you have been told in many types of articles, it all depends on the hackers which way they attack

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Exploitation Tools

In this article, we are practically telling you about two Exploitation Tools, both these tools are found on the website of github, you can use them easily, it is being told to increase your knowledge.

Here firstly you are being told about one of the Exploitation Tools which helps a lot in finding your Exploits, its name is Findploit and second tool is very helpful in attacking like Man In the middle attack, ARP Poisoning.


First of all, you have to download and install this tool as you can see in the image, in some way this tool gets installed. git clone https://github.com/1N3/Findsploit

In this way, this tool gets installed in your operating system, after installation, you can use it to find Exploits, this is the first tool from our list of Exploitation Tools.

Exploitation Tools

As you can see in the image, you can use this tool by running the tool in this way, as well as you can also check the help of this tool, you have been told all the instructions to use this tool.

Exploitation Tools

Here you can see that everything has been told to you, by using these tools, you can find Exploits, this is all you get on github’s website.

Exploitation Tools

As you can see here, we have used apache, in such a way, you have a lot of exploits show, when you press here, in such a way you will be able to see a lot of exploits show in your browser.

Exploitation Tools

By using this Exploitation Tools, you can find many types of Exploits as you have been told earlier, you get vulnerable websites in Google hacking database, in such a way hackers miss use them a lot.

Exploitation Tools

This tool gives you by searching Exploits from many types of websites, you get more tools in the same way, you can use such as the tool named searchsploit is also used in this way.

Here you can see that you can also find payloads in this way, here you can not be told using Exploits because it is illegal to do this but those who know about Exploits can use them easily.

In this way, you can use all these commands, you get many types of Exploits here. Hackers miss use by using these, but you should never use their misses, it has been told to you for educational purpose.


Similarly, you can also use websploit tool, first of all you have to download and install this tool as you can see in the image. git clone https://github.com/websploit/websploit

Exploitation Tools

After downloading, you can install websploit Exploitation Tools by giving this command in this way, after the tool is installed, you can easily use it to attack MITM.

Exploitation Tools

As you can see in the image, here you have already been told about some attacks like arp poisoning attack, sniffing attack, wifi jamming attack.

If you want, you can also read our article as you can see in the image, in this way you can do arp spoofing attack by using websploit, in this way you can use all attacks.

Similar tools like routersploit are also used in wifi hacking, routers Exploitation, CCTV hacking, you will be told about it quickly here, websploit and find sploit Exploitation Tools have practically told you.

The Conclusion

I hope now you can understand about these two Exploitation Tools, here we have told you to use both Exploitation Tools practically.

In this way, you get more Exploitation Tools about which you will be told soon. We want to tell you one thing clear here. It is not possible to tell the use of any tool completely.

This is because there are some limitations here, due to which you cannot be told completely, in this case it all depends on your practice how much time you give to learn something.

Many types of attacks can be done using these tools, but all this cannot be told to you here, when you use it yourself, in such a way, you learn about them yourself.

If you have any question related to Exploitation Tools or any kind of question, then you can ask us in a comment, we will help you completely, all of this has been told to you for educational purpose.

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