How to get Google Adsense Approval for Blog (2021) ?

Here we are telling you about how to get Google Adsense Approval or I am telling you how I get my Google Adsense Account Approval in my hacking blog. Because there is a lot of problem in getting adsense approval in hacking blog, but I am telling you here how I took it.

Here I want to clear you one thing about Google Adsense Account approval, I had taken this approval on my blog for the first time and within 10 days, I had taken this approval a year ago.

In such a situation, a question comes in the mind of some people that the policies of google have changed in a year, but now it is not available, but it is not the case that in today’s time also Google Adsense approval is received for hacking blog.

I cannot show you the proof here because I had no intention of writing this article on the topic, but people have been asked many times on whatsapp who have hacking blogs and they are getting rejected again and again, so I am Writing this article.

I am telling you all this from my experience, it is not proof, because when I got the approval, I did not take any screenshot, so I cannot give proof, but you see ads that come from google, that is so much.

Note – This article is only for educational purpose and its very helpful to get Adsense approval for your hacking Blog.

Story: How I Get My Google Adsense Account Approval ?

Let me tell you now how I get my Google Adsense approval. This method you can use any kind of blog to get adsense approval, here I am telling you all about your blog.

First of all, I am telling you that when I had applied for adsense, how many posts I had written, how many pages were made, how many views were there and how long it took, how many days it was approved, then after that i will tell you in detail what did i do.

Google Adsense Approval
  • First of all, I wrote 10 articles, unique no copy paste, I wrote all the articles myself.
  • I had made 5 pages, about which everyone explains why pages should be made.
  • I got Google Adsense approval in 10 -15 days
  • When I applied for approval my articles had approx 1000 views.
  • I bought my custom domain and hosting
  • My website was not very old, it was only one month.

These Things Matter A Lot In The Google Adsense Approval Process.

Let us now tell you what you need to do to take Google Adsense Approval, here we are telling you about my blog how I have taken Google Adsense Approval on this Hacking blog.

Number Of Posts

First of all, you have to write 10 -15 articles and all the articles should be unique, you do not have to paste paste from anywhere, you can copy headings, but the content should always be unique like you have read our articles.

Also you have to keep in mind that your articles should be user friendly just like you read articles here in our paragraphs, if I write everything in a single paragraph, then you can understand that it becomes a bore. is

Google Adsense Approval

If you want to tell about some kind of Hacking on your blog, in such a way, you should use only the platforms made for testing purpose, like DVWA, BWAPP, OWASP.

If you have not got the approval yet, in this way, you should not do any practical work in starting, you just write the theory like how to become an ethical hacker, how to learn Ethical Hacking free

Now you must be thinking that everyone needs practical, but I can also understand that in such a way you should do practical like footprinting , Network scanning and as everyone knows you should also have knowledge of Networking and how to become an ethical hacker, then you can write it

Google Adsense Approval

As you can see in the image, we have written the articles of Networking, Computer Hardware and Theory here first, later everything has been done prcatically and in all the articles you get a line written which you have bolded like

Note – This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills. This line is bold because Google’s bots crawl on the post, so they focus more on the bots bold line.

You must definitely check the november 2019 posts in our website here, you will know what kind of posts I have written in the beginning, due to which I got the approval for the first time and was not rejected in any way.

Design Of Your Blog

After doing all this, you have to pay attention to the theme of the blog, although you can use any theme according to your wish, but if you use a user friendly theme, then you don’t face a problem in getting Google Adsense Approval.

Google Adsense Approval

Your Theme should be neat and clean as we have used the publisho theme here, we used the colormag theme earlier and here we have also used the iconic theme, this theme is free, you can use them

I can use these three free themes in our blog . Publisho Theme , ColorMag Theme , Iconic one theme

Whenever a visitor visits your website, there should be no problem in finding the article, so you must add a sitemap so that any user can read any article as easily as I have done.

Important Pages

You have to create some pages to get Google Adsense approval like we have created pages here, you can create all this for free like we have written about Us page here on our website.

Apart from the About Us page, we have generated all the pages you see for free such as privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimer, contact Us page, you can check our pages.

Here you are being given links with the help of which you can generate all these pages like Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and About Us page, you can tell about yourself and create contact Us page with the help of contact form plugin.

Domain or Hosting

After doing all this, you need a domain or hosting for Google Adsense Approval, you can use any hosting you want, but you should always use such hosting that your website is never down.

If you purchase hosting from this link Buy Link in such a way, you can join free hacking classes on our behalf, you get hosting at the best price on Hostinger, here you get domain free with.

Hostinger provides you hosting at the best price for starting, if you take it from bluehost, Godaddy compared to it, then hosting is expensive, but if you take from our link, you can get to learn all that is not here for free.

You can also make your own hacking blog on blogger but you do not get such features on blogger which you get on wordpress, you also have to wait for Google adsense Approval while you do not have to wait in custom domain and hosting.

The Conclusion

I hope that now can understandabout how to take on Google Adsense Approval hacking blog, if you follow our steps mentioned here, in such a way you can take Google Adsense Approval for any kind of blog.

If you buy hosting from our link, in such a way you can join free hacking classes, everything will be told to you which cannot be told here, you can also start your hacking blog and earn it. is

If you face any kind of problem in taking Google Adsense Approval, in such a way, you can contact us and tell us as well as you can also ask in a comment, your full help will be done from our side.

If you do not want to join hacking classes, even if you buy hosting from our link, in such a way, if you do not know how to create a website, you can still contact us, you will be given a free blog ready.

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