Useful Bug bounty tricks 2021 ?

In this article, we are telling you about Bug bounty tricks, earlier we told you about Bug bounty tips, here we are telling you about Bug bounty tricks which makes bug hunting easier for you.

Here all this is being told to you because like bug hunting and earning all bugs and earning the same way, so do you, so you are constantly being given more articles on bug hunting, our job is to guide you, here we will give you some bug bounty giving tricks

But bugs have to be found by teaching you by yourself, here we are giving you introduction about a tool that makes your bug hunting very easy but its practical will not be told to you here. First, if you do not understand, then you can tell in the comment that you will be told using all the internal tools of that tool.

But here you want to tell one thing, if you take a hint of something and gain knowledge by doing research about it yourself, in such a way you get to learn more, there is a lot of difference between someone’s taught thing and the things learned.

Note – This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

Bug Bounty Tricks ?

Bug bounty tricks you get to see a lot. There are many resources in bug hunting that make bug hunting easy for you, all of them cannot be told in one article. We have also given you about the extensions of burp suite.

There are similar Bug bounty tricks which make Bug bounty tricks easy for you. Here we are telling you about some bug bounty tricks but before going about them you must know about our bug bounty.

Hack Tools Extension

First of all, in Bug Bounty Tricks, you are being told about Hack Tools Extension Hack Tools Extension you get for both chrome and mozilla firefox, it can be very use ful for you.

Bug bounty tricks

Here we are not telling you how to install Hack Tools Extension because with one click you can install it as you can see in the image, here you get resources used in all kinds of vulnerabilities.

Bug bounty tricks

In this way, you also get to see payloads of cross site scripting, if you do bug hunting on a website, in such a way, you can copy and use XSS payloads from here, you get a lot here.

We will tell you that you must fully explore Hack Tools Extension, only then you can know about Hack Tools Extension, you can understand it as Bug Bounty Tricks which make bug hunting easy for you.

Bug bounty tricks

Like this, you can see here you also get all the options to create payload, you have been told about the metasploit framework, how can payloads be made there, you also get php shell here.

If told about everyone here, then the entire article will be released on this, so you must use Hack Tools Extension and see if you do not understand anything, in such a way, you can ask in the comment.

TLS Pass Through

TLS pass through Now you are thinking that what is this option you get in burp suite. You must have seen this many times when you intercept the request in burp suite, in such a way you get to see some extra resources.

TLS pass through option you get for this as you can see in the image if you add all this in tls pass through, in this way the extra resources become equal, you are being given a list can add.

  • .*
  • .*
  • .*
  • .*
  • .*
  • .*
  • http://wpad/wpad.dat‚Äč
  • .*
  • .*
  • .*
  • .*
  • .*

As you can see in the image, here you are being told one more thing about the burp suite. You must have seen something like success true and success false in the request many times, if you send the request by false true.

If you get 200 response, then it is called a bug and you can earn bounty, so you must also know about it because often ignore all the small things.

Document Expired error

Document Expired error will be seen a lot of times, you get this error in two ways, one is you get web server side one, you get client side as you can see in the image below.

Bug bounty tricks

You can get this error anytime, but if you get the Document Expired error client side, then you can do your work by clearing the cache, it is not necessary that this bug bounty tricks only work every time.

Garud Automation tool

The best trick in bug bounty tricks is telling you about a tool that if you have come to use it properly, bug bounty becomes very easy for you because it gives you a lot of tools in it.

Here we are giving you the introduction of this tool, you must try to go through all the tools given in it, you are giving a hint if there are some tools given in it, if you have come to use it, find bugs for you will be easy.

As you can see in the image you can find all these tools in the Garud Automation tool. We have told you about some tools earlier like to find subdomains or subdomain takeover vulnerability.

Subdomain enumeration and subdomain bruteforce

The Conclusion

I hope that you have come to know about Bug bounty tricks. We have told you about some bug bounty tricks here. You have also been given introduction about Garud Automation tool.

If you get to know about the Garud Automation tool completely, then you definitely have to do a lot of work from another tool, one of these is the tool that you get in this, which finds all urls for you, all parameters find. Does where you can bug hunting

You should research about it once before yourself, if you do not find it, then in this comment, we will give you a full article on that single tool, but that single article can be the biggest because it is a lot in single tool only.

If you have any kind of question related to the bug bounty tricks mentioned here, in such a way, you can ask in the comment if you like this article of ours, in such a way, you must share it.

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