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What is Open Redirect Vulnerability (practical)?

We are telling you about Open Redirect Vulnerability. It is also called unvalidated redirects and forwards. What is Open Redirect Vulnerability and how it works. You must also have heard about Open Redirect Vulnerability at some point, here is how hackers can take…Read More »

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Xtreme vulnerable web application (XVWA) ?

In this article, we are telling you about the Xtreme vulnerable web application. What is the Xtreme vulnerable web application? How can it help you learn how to hack your website? It will be told to you here. It has been told…Read More »

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How to find Website Vulnerability in Hindi?

Is article mai hum apko Website Vulnerability kaise find ki jati hai iske bare mai bata rahe hai. Jaise How to find Vulnerability in a Website. Apne bhi kabhi na kabhi yeh jarur search kiya hoga. Yaha apko kuch tools ki help…Read More »

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