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In this article, we are telling you about the Best Hacking Forum, you must have seen many types of Hacking forums before and you must have also joined but here we are telling you about the Best Hacking Forum that is different.

Here we are not doing any harm to any Hacking Forum because everyone does their work, you know what happens on Hacking Forums, here we are telling you about the Best Hacking Forum, its name is shellcrew.

You might not have heard its name before because it is a new launch and we all know very well that whenever a new platform is launched, you will always get genuine content.

Note – This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t miss use your knowledge and skills.

Importance of Hacking Forum ?

Let us first of all know that what is the importance of hacking forums in cyber security, by the way, if you are told in easy language, you can also say that all types of hacking forums have their different features.

Like some hacking forums are such where you only get the content of Black Hat hacking, some hacking forums are such where you get the content of White Hat hacking, you also get many types of forums where you can get Leaked Data bases too easily.

In such a situation, we can understand that joining a hacking forum does not work for you, so the more hacking forums you join, the better it is for you, here the forum I am being told about is an Ethical There is a hacking forum where you only get to see the content of White Hat hacking.

Best Hacking Forum (Shell Crew) ?

Here we are telling you about the Best Hacking Forum, its name is Shell_Crew. Why is this the best, you will know in this article, as soon as you read this article completely, you will understand why it is the best.she

Here we are telling you in detail about all the features of Shell Crew, here we want to tell you that this hacking forum belongs to a close friend of ours, we are not saying here that you get this one Best Hacking Forum

You find many such Best Hacking forums where you also get great content, but in Best Hacking Forum (Shell Crew), you also get some different features like here you can also do a meeting like we google meet or zoom. Along with this, you also get the feature of Chatting like we do on telegram or WhatsApp.

The best thing here is also that you do not easily find people from cyber security field on telegram or WhatsApp, but here you can easily find all the people of cyber security who also help you completely.

How to Join Shell Crew Hacking Forum ?

Let us now tell you how you can join shell Crew hacking forum or the way to join shell Crew hacking forum or all other features is a bit different, here it has been done to give you Linux interface.

Best Hacking Forum

First of all you have to open this Shell_Crew website where you have a terminal show like this, here you can access the Shell Crew forum by giving some commands as you can see in the image.

As soon as you give these commands you get redirected where you get to see all the features of shell crew, you can read all this here also how you can join this forum meeting and chatting features as well as you Here in this post everything is being told.

Best Hacking Forum

After doing all this, you can join any platform of Best Hacking Forum (Shell Crew), you are also being given all the guidance like you can join the forum by clicking on the forum button. Here you are also being given a direct link.

Best Hacking Forum

To join Forums – Shell_Forum , you have to signup here first. The process of sign up is simple like we signup in any website, in the same way you can signup here and create your account as you can see in the image.

Best Hacking Forum

Here we would like to recommend you if you are interested in bug hunting and CTF (Capture The Flag), in this way you must join this forum because here you get experiences persons of Cyber ​​Security field who also share their experiences. Here some links are also being shared with you.

Best Hacking Forum

Similarly, you can also use the Shell_Meet feature of Best Hacking Forum (Shell Crew) as you can see in the image, here also first you have to create your account, after that you go to shell crew chat and pending approval group I have to give my name after that you are given approval here.

Best Hacking Forum

As you can see in the image also you have to do something similar here, this has been done for security purpose so that only all genuine persons can meet here, so this has been done, here you will also be given a video link so that You should not have any problem in joining this Best Hacking Forum (Shell Crew).

As you can also see in the image, after approval, you get to see the interface of the meeting in this way, after doing all this you can use the meeting feature of shell crew.

Just as you have joined your shell crew forum and meet, you can also join shell crew chat here, here you can also chat with people of cyber security and they also help you here.

To join Chat Shell Crew here, you just have to create your account here, after that you can do chatting by joining groups here as you can see in the image also here you get many groups apart from these.

The Conclusion

We hope that you have come to know about Best Hacking Forum (Shell Crew) in detail, here everything has been told to you in short so that you can use the features of Best Hacking Forum (Shell Crew).

If you have any doubt related to Shell Crew Forum, then you can ask in comment as well as video link has also been given to you, by seeing which you can know about Shell Crew in detail.

Here you also get Cross Site Scripting Attacks, Server Side Template Injection , Improper Input Validation Vulnerability etc. If you like this article, then you must share it. Also you can join our telegram channel.

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